I have had so many sober moments but the most recent one came about a few weeks back while looking after a loved one at a clinic.

Granted that the hospital environment can be quite depressing, I was so unprepared for the sobering moments I experienced there. I saw every imaginable orthopedic/surgical case ranging from broken/disfigured limbs, gunshot wounds to severe burns, etc.

While there, I tried so much to confine myself to the room, as most of the sights were gory, but one could not help running into them every now and then.

It’s so touching to see someone in severe physical and emotional pains, being so calm, looking into their faces, one saw gratitude for being alive, acceptance of “what is” and hope for a new beginning.

My initial reaction was that of fear and dark imaginings, asking myself what I had to do if I were in their shoes, and then followed by an exclamation of “God forbid, not my portion!’’

Then it dawned on me that they probably said more, thus life never announces the misfortunes that can come one’s way, but what is important is how we choose to take it.

This changed my perception of things and I began to see each and every one of them as heroes, not just because they survived what came their way, but more because of the positive attitude with which they carried their crosses.

I began to reach out, remembering them more in my prayers, having a kind and encouraging word plus a ready smile for all that came my way.

Two lives were lost while I was there and the pain of the relatives cannot be described.

While there, I met a very beautiful lady, who survived (though immobilised at the moment) an auto accident that claimed the lives of her husband and their only child. Thus came the end of her three-year-old marriage. I have never ceased to marvel at her strength, much as I know she could be going through a lot emotionally.

Her calmness shames me!

I also met a young lady in her early twenties, a university undergraduate; she was going back to school when the accident happened. Her spinal cord was affected and she is confined to a wheelchair at the moment, she has spent over a year at the hospital.

I will not forget little Samuel, whom we all call “mulanky.” He is a gregarious two-year-old, very cute. Samuel had a name for everything and everyone; one became so fond of him that I felt bad the day he was leaving the clinic. He was there due to a broken limb.

In all, I believe this little “getaway” has once again reminded me how precious life is and how lucky those that are in good health are. It has also reminded me to remember the sick more in my prayers.

I was particularly impressed with the various church groups who found the time to come around, talk to and pray for the sick. That to me is priceless, letting someone know you care enough to make an effort to come visit them in the hospital, even when they are not personally known to you. The psychological benefit (to the sick) cannot be over emphasised.

This taught me that “it’s all in the efforts we make,” and in this sober moments, I have resolved more than ever to be thankful for the blessings of life, however small, to be a blessing to those around me and humanity in general and never take anything(life especially) for granted.

I am learning to live my best life daily because one is only sure of now…the next minute is not guaranteed.

The whole experience really got me thinking…how beautiful and humane it will all be if people begin to send a little something to hospitals of our choice for babies like little Samuel, who had to stay back after they had been discharged…for lack of funds to offset hospital bills. The Samuels of this world will have access to good and prompt medical attention if we all make efforts in that regard.

It’s the least we can do for the little ones in our world. Please look around you, choose a hospital or reputable charity organisation for this purpose.

I must also add that it is not enough to make this commitment, monitor how the funds are being dispensed; make an effort to meet some of the beneficiaries whenever you can. You have learned to appreciate life more and it’s so soul- cleansing to know you helped give a child a chance to stay healthy and alive.

I am currently compiling a list of general hospitals to recommend for charity purposes. If you need suggestions, please contact me via SMS.

God bless your efforts.




Credit: Chukwuneta Oby, Guardian Woman

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