Ifeoma Adibe-Chukwuka was recently conferred as an ambassador of the Nigerian Youth Advocacy For Good Governance and also received the 2022 Golden Role Model Award for her entrepreneurial work focused enterprise development, women empowerment and humanitarian service.

The ceremony was held on Wednesday 27th April 2022 in Lagos where few delegates of the Nigerian Youth Advocacy For Good Governance Initiative (NYAGGI) visited the Omaness Skinfood Head office to confer Ifeoma as an ambassador and also present her with the Golden Role Model Award.

Leading the presentation, Mr Olakunle Clement the lead delegate from NYAGGI expressed that it was a pleasure to confer Ms Ifeoma as one of their ambassadors and also celebrate her as an entrepreneurial icon of the year.

Ms Ifeoma has done well as an entrepreneur and her work has been instrumental in charting new paths that creates sustainable opportunities that economically empowers women, advances communities, and promotes shared prosperity driven by maximizing local resources and talent. Looking at her track records of over a decade, it also revealed her achievement as a humanitarian. These were some of the consideration for her conferment. We are here to commend your excellent work and encourage you to not relent. “Nigeria needs more personality like you to develop the nation” Mr Olakunle said during the conferment ceremony.

The NYAGGI Golden Role Model Award is normally reserved for people who have excelled in their work and have made impactful contributions to the empowerment of the Nigerian Youth.

Ifeoma Adibe Chukwuka was named one of the emerging African Female Entrepreneur to watch by the Cherie Blair Foundation For Women in 2021. She is the founder of AYECI Africa and The Omaness Skinfood Company, two impact-driven companies that go beyond conventional business model to create sustainable opportunities that empowers and enriches people across Africa using innovative social enterprise model in charity intervention and African skinfood.



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