Unarguably, people waste too many seemingly inconsequential time slots several times a day.

For example, while you are waiting your turn at the ATM, while you are waiting your turn at the mall. While you are waiting for your food to be heated, while you are waiting for your browser to load,thanks to poor internet connection, etc. All of these little time slots may seem little but can be put to some great use.

Here are 5 things you can do in 5 spare minutes during your day.

1. Call a friend or a relative

You promised to call your friend back last week but somehow, you forgot. Now is the time to do that. Return calls you missed, check up on that friend or relative, while you wait for the internet to come back on on your computer.

2. Snap some photos

Take a photo of yourself. It must not be something exquisite but you can take a selfie. Snap some photos of something fascinating around you. There’s something that must have caught your attention. Maybe it is the way your mouse pad blends perfectly with your water bottle. Take a shot.

3. Do some exercise for your eyes

Digital screens tire our eyes out very quickly. Try a simple set of exercise for your eyes to ease the fatigue: look up and down, left to right, ‘draw’ diagonals and circles with your eyes, and then look far away. Repeat as often as needed.
Look outside your windows. Stare into space for a while. Close your eyes and allow them breathe for sometime.
Take your eyes off the screen for five minutes and return back to it. Your eyes will thank you.

4. Exercise!

Tabata intervals work great for that. Tabata training is a four-minute mini-workout that consists of 20-second intervals of exercising and 10-second rests. Here’s my favorite combo: Jumping jacks, push-ups, high knees, squats! Listen to your favorite song while doing that to make things more fun… or, you know, you can always just dance intensively to that song.

You can also take a break and walk around, especially if your work involves you sitting still at a table. Stretch your legs and let them catch a break from being at a spot.

5. Have a silent conversation with yourself

We talk to others, we ask for people’s opinions, we make meaningless small talks every day. It is easy to forget to pay attention to your own feelings and ideas. Next time you have 5 minutes, ask yourself what mood you are in, is anything bothering you, or just ‘discuss’ a creative idea!
Have occasional ‘board meetings’ with yourself as many times as you can in a day. It not only keeps you in tune with yourself and your emotions but it also helps you reach forth and draw inspirations from within.

Which of these are you going to try out today?


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