Very few people enjoy routines, as a matter of fact, humans crave freedom, spontaneity and hate being stuck with routines but no thanks to Covid-19, a lot more people have been forced into routines they wouldn’t want to be in with absolutely no idea how long they will be stuck for.

No doubt, some people no longer look forward to the next day because, you guessed right! There is nothing exciting to look forward to except the usual wake up, have breakfast, attend your Zoom meetings, have lunch, binge-watch Netflix and chill till you fall asleep.

If you fall into that category and you can feel your mental faculties going numb and exhausted from forced schedules, we understand that the mind is the seat of productivity and as such, it has to be healthy and active for it to be productive so we present to you in this article, 5 great and practicable ways to keep your mind active and healthy in 2021.

  1. ART.

Art not only unleashes the inner Leonardo Da Vinci in you but it also is a great way to keep your mind active. Art is a form of creativity and when you create, your mind comes alive and becomes actively involved in the process.

Art is an encompassing word for creativity. Art means different things to different people so you have to find the exact kind of art that appeals to you or even try out art that doesn’t appeal to you – that is the whole idea behind keeping your mind active.

Here are the various forms of art you can engage your mind:

  • Painting: Painting simply is expressing your feelings in colors. We cannot deny that sometimes, words are not enough to express your exact feelings which is where painting comes handy. With a canvas (which can either be a wall, a hard paper that can retain wetness without tearing out) and colors, which can be dry or wet, you can paint a beautiful piece. Paint your favorite scene from a movie, paint a random item in your home. Just experiment with colors and see where it ends.
  • Poetry: You don’t have to be Shakespeare before you can create poetry. All you need is a note, a pen, words and voila! Poetry is born.
  • Drawing: Just like painting, drawing also helps you represent your emotions in pictures. Drawing does not have to be limited to expressing your emotions, you can draw your spouse, your own picture, your phone, just anything at all. Drawing can also be a great way to bond with your significant other while stimulating your mind. A win-win.
  • Music: You can decide to learn to play the piano, the guitar or even learn to sing. There are a plethora of videos on YouTube on how to do that. If you already know how to play, you can stimulate your mind by trying to play unusual pieces, try playing new forms of music. If you play only Rock, try playing Blues, Funk, Reggae and others.

Reading is one of the most affordable means to keep your mind active. There are tons of books on the internet that you can read from your device. If reading from your device isn’t your thing, there is a book somewhere on your shelf gathering dust that you have not read because you keep postponing. Pick it up and read it.

Reading fictions help you walk through the book together with the author. It helps you see thing with the eyes of the author. Your mind brings to life every word, description and actions you read in the book.
Read books that are different from your usual genres. Switch from reading motivational and inspirational books to reading biographies and historical books. Your mid will thank you for it.


There are different games you can play that can engage your mind. Board games like Chess and Scrabble are a great place to start. Card games, Computer games or even virtual games with friends can stimulate your mind. You can do a zoom virtual game where you give a word and ask them to sing any song containing that word. For example, “Empty” as a word can result in a song like “An empty street, an empty house, a hole inside my heart…” by Westlife. It is a fun game to try out.


Thanks to ClubHouse, you can have virtual mind-stimulating conversations with complete strangers in a closed room. All you need is internet and ClubHouse App on your iPhone and you can join any of the room. You can review books, talk about what is trending, play games or just have a conversation about nothing where you can just laugh and have fun.


You do not have to be a writer before you can write. You can write your opinion on the latest movie you saw on Netflix. You can write your experiences during this Covid period. You can journal each day. Writing is an exercise that keeps the mind active and healthy at no cost.


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