Haben Girma is absolutely inspiring. She dazed the world when she became Harvard Law School’s first deaf and blind graduate in 2013. Since then, she has remained a global phenomenon.

Born in the United States to African parents, Haben was not the type to give in to self-defeat. At the young age of 15, she got involved in Voluntary work by helping to in developing countries on the non-profit platform of Build On. Upon her graduation from the Harvard Law School, she became a Skadden fellow at the Disability Rights Advocate in Berkeley. Thereafter, she took up work as an attorney for people with disabilities.

Haben’s greatest passion is inspiring a positive attitude in people towards those living with a form of disability or the other, and to help disabled individuals gain as much access to books and digital information.

Some of her outstanding global recognitions include Forbes 30 under 30, the BBC Women of Africa Hero and White House Champion of Change.

Indeed, we could not agree more that she is a champion of CHANGE!

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