Law of attraction is one of the easiest ways to manifest good connections. Ever wondered why some people are just loved and admired? If you want to radiate in that kind of energy then this article is for you.

If you are looking for a long-term partner, job, or more friends, you will have to make them attracted to you. Here are the 8 simple ways to make people attracted to you without turning them off.

1. Be Confident, But Not Arrogant – Major Law of Attraction

First, it is important that you are confident about yourself. Being proud of who you are and liking your characteristics is one of the keys to make people like you. This also includes being sociable, being able to go along with the conversation and being smart when talking. Confidence is attractive, but you have to remember not to be conceited or arrogant as you might only push people away from you.

2.Sense of Humor

People who are funny are known to be intelligent and sociable. Most people are looking for this characteristic when searching for romance or friends. Even if someone is not interested in you, you can grab their attention by making them laugh.

3. Ask Deep Questions

Cut the unnecessary conversations and start asking them deeper questions. This can make them personally connected to you and you can tell them something deep as well.

4. Don’t Forget to Smile

You can easily make someone comfortable talking or having long conversations with you when you smile often. Of course, smiling is the easiest way to tell other people, “hey, don’t hesitate to talk to me, I’m friendly.”

5. Eye Contact

Making eye contact to a person makes you appear to be dominant and confident. This also makes you appear clever. You can also pair it with a strong handshake and you would totally nail it!

6.Dress Properly

When trying to make people attracted to you, it is important that you give attention to how you dress. Most people give definition to the clothes a person wears. It can be a definition associated to success or personality so if you want to make people notice you or attracted to you, make sure that you dress well.

7. Have Many People Around You

People who are in groups tend to be more attractive. This is because it shows you that you are sociable and you can easily connect to other people. Having many people around you makes you look more attractive.

Try this magical law of attraction to build your confidence,  and let us know how it goes in the comment.



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