Guys, before you run your fingers through her curly or straight tresses, gently ask if she is wearing a wig or she has fixed a temporal hairstyle to avoid any brouhaha😊🤣

Wearing a wig cap is the new norm even among our stars. If you are too busy hustling between work, learning for a degree and managing your home, the best option is to braid your hair and get a wig cap to compliment your stunning look.

It even gets better, hairstylist have wig caps for braids, you don’t have to sit for 4 hours to get a hairdo. Whether you want big tresses or half the size of a straw, you can get it readily available to buy.

However, some women are having difficulties keep the wig caps keeping their wig caps in good condition for future use. When it comes to wig caps, most women wear it for at least a month, switch for another hairstyle, the next one and probably wear the first one in the cycle again.

If you love wig caps as we do, here is how to keep it intact for reuse.

  1. Brushing

Brush the wig thoroughly to remove any dirt or hidden particles. Brushing the wig cap makes it easier to wash

  1. Washing

Treat your wig with care. Pour a trusted shampoo in lukewarm water and gently place the wig in it. Don’t squeeze and rub it. Let it soak, then move the hair clockwise and anticlockwise. Repeat the process twice and transfer to clean water.

Never use hot water to wear your wig because it can hair discolourization and weaken the fibres, and cold water can’t remove all the dirt accumulated in the hair.

  1. Drying.

Pat dry your hair on a clean towel. Any sealed moisture can lead to mould growing on your wig, hence the need to make it completely dry before storing.

Don’t hang, blow dry, or place the wet wig in direct sunlight as this can damage the fibres.

  1. Detangle.

Comb and detangle your wig cap starting from the ends. Starting combing from the ends first, then to the roots with a detangling comb with large teeth to prevent shedding. Apply your desired hair cream or hair oil and dry again with a hand dryer for 20 to 30 minutes.

  1. Storage.

Fold your wig in half from ear to ear or braid the ends into two or four sections to prevent crumpling. You can place a hair net on the folded or braided wig cap to keep it in good shape especially with curled or wavy wigs to keep the style intact.

You can store the wig cap in a clean plastic bag. Pick a dry storage area and out of direct sunlight. Sunlight and heat will the dull the colour of your wig and break down the hair fibres for the strands to fall out.

You can place the wig you use often on a wig stand. If you are not using the wig anytime soon, you can bring it out from the storage and air dry it at least once a week to prevent it from smelling.