Vimbai Mutinhiri


Media personality, Vimbai Mutinhiri has to her Instagram page on Wednesday, February 6, 2019, to admonish women to seize on the opportunity of achieving their goals and aspirations over designer bags and all expensed paid trips.

“I’m dropping this here. I’m tired. Keep the LVs and Chanels. No, your travel agent should not call me. Since you’re ready to throw it away, why not be an angel investor for the same amount? Or just say no. Don’t use the same mouth to say “things are hard” to tell me “I’m traveling, do you want to join me?” 

“No wonder so many of my sisters are sucked into this cycle. Ladies, don’t play yourselves. It may be harder the honest way, but let no man convince you that borrowed moments of luxury are more valid than chasing your dreams. Why are you trying to put us in material bondage?🤦🏾‍♀️🤷🏾‍♀️ #hellotableshakers #ihavecomeagain #whyisiteasiertoaskforahandbagthanbusinessfinance,” she wrote.


Credit: Pulse

TV Host & Producer, Vimbai, has launched the ultimate digital empowerment portal for young African women who are looking to bloom into their full potential.

According to her team, TheVimbai.com is every African girl’s big sister and a movement of inspired thinkers, dreamers and game-changers. Specifically created for African women by African women, the website is home to cutting edge editorial content as well as original video series that speak to the real-life issues we are all talking about behind closed doors.

Speaking on what inspired her to embark on this project,

Vimbai says:

“I became known as the ‘table-shaker’ last year when I posted a truth in passing. After receiving thousands of emails from across Africa as a result of this post, I realized that not only are people hungry to start having so-called taboo conversations in public, we are also ready to have a platform to learn, analyze and dissect unpopular truths in our society. My platform is an enlightened place for women to do so.”


Credit: Bella Naija