OAP Uwanma Odefa is out with a new Vlog where she shares her thoughts on love, life and everything in between, and this time she is listing out the 5 sexual mistakes men make.

She says:

There are some universal mistakes most men make when it comes to sex and pleasuring their partners. We don’t expect him to be a porn star expert, but there are some common mistakes most men make when it comes to sexually satisfying their partners. And because men are sensitive especially when it comes to their sexual prowess and expertise; tying their manhood and ego to it, we women will often shy away from making corrections. We also would not say anything for fear of being labelled a slut.

Well, I’ve taken it upon myself to share these mistakes based on experience and research. Share it with your man if you can’t tell him and with your friends; you never know who you’re helping. And remember, regardless of what I say or what anybody says; it’s your life so do what makes you happy

OAP Uwanma in her latest vlog shares with us 5 mistakes women make in relationships.

She says:

“Sometimes, when a relationship gets screwed up, it’s the fault of us ladies. We have all been guilty of incessant nagging, unrealistic expectations, bad cooking and even worse sex skills. But there are less obvious mistakes we make that send our men running for the hills! Most times, not deliberately, but sometimes we intentionally sabotage true love. This is not to say men don’t and can’t screw up; they do. But today, we are focusing on the 5 mistakes women make that end their relationships, and usually on a disappointing and sour note! Save a relationship