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In a historic milestone that resonates across the nonprofit sector, Angela F. Williams has assumed the role of CEO at United Way Worldwide, becoming the first Black woman to hold this prestigious position within an organization with a legacy spanning over 130 years. This remarkable appointment marks a transformative moment not only for United Way but for the broader landscape of leadership diversity and inclusivity.

A Legacy of Service and Leadership

With a career spanning three decades, Angela F. Williams has consistently demonstrated her dedication to service and leadership within the nonprofit realm. Her impressive track record includes holding management positions at prominent organizations, including the YMCA of the USA. Currently serving as the President and CEO of Easterseals, an organization dedicated to providing vital disability services to those in need, Williams has earned recognition for her impactful work. In fact, she was recently honored as one of Forbes’ “2021 Women 50 Over 50 Creating Social Change at Scale.”

A Visionary Leader

Dr. Juliette M. Tuakli, Chair of United Way Worldwide Board of Trustees, emphasized the profound significance of Williams’ appointment. She explained that the organization sought a leader capable of galvanizing the United Way Network, supporters, and United Way Worldwide itself around a compelling vision rooted in the pursuit of greater impact, equity, and community growth.

Tuakli stated, “Angela’s background and experience make her uniquely suited to create and drive this vision. The CEO search committee was impressed by her strategic acumen, innovative thinking, and purpose-driven mindset, which we believe will offer a fresh perspective in reimagining United Way and ensuring that we remain relevant and impactful for years to come.”

A New Chapter Begins

Angela F. Williams is scheduled to assume her new role as CEO of United Way Worldwide on October 15th, and she is enthusiastic about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. In her own words, she expressed her deep honor at joining the world’s leading charity during a pivotal moment in both the organization’s history and global events. Williams recognizes the critical role that United Way Worldwide plays in supporting individuals, families, and communities worldwide.

“I am absolutely honored to join the world’s leading charity at a key moment in the organization’s history and world events. Around the world, issues of health, education and economic sustainability are at the forefront of ensuring equality and access to a good quality of life. I recognize and appreciate the tremendous role that United Way Worldwide plays in supporting individuals and families and transforming communities,” she remarked.

This historic appointment of Angela F. Williams signifies not only a remarkable achievement in her distinguished career but also a powerful symbol of progress towards greater diversity, equity, and inclusion in leadership roles across sectors. Her leadership journey is an inspiration to aspiring leaders and a testament to the transformative potential of individuals committed to creating positive change on a global scale.


Angela F. Williams has embarked on her groundbreaking role as CEO of United Way Worldwide, poised to leave an indelible mark on the organization’s legacy and drive meaningful change in communities around the world. Congratulations to Angela on this historic achievement!