Teenage Entrepreneur


My name is Otimayin Queen Morenike. I am a native of Kogi State.

I am the second child of my family and I am 19 years old. I am into hairdressing, styling people’s hair and bringing out the exact beauty in them.

I started this hair dressing business by making hair for my friends; then I was in secondary school and just 12 years old.

I get motivation from home and my mother is my role model.
Categorically speaking, the starting wasn’t easy, but there were so many things that spurred me to go into the business and one of them is the need to be independent and also to lessen my mother’s burden of catering for me.

I have always wanted a life in which I would be able to cater for myself, provide my basic needs and relieve my mum of some responsibilities.

The aim and vision of my business have grown wider over the years.
I want my service to be widely known and accepted.

I want to be known for doing perfect job and satisfying my customers to the fullest of my ability.
This is because by so doing I will have some referrals and the survival of my business depends solely on this.

My training was hard and discouraging, but it worthwhile. I was trained by my mother and also by a professional. My business is solving women’s problem; specifically making ladies and girls look beautiful.

My business has also helped improve ladies’ appearances because we all know that the way you dress (in which hair is part of) is the way you’ll be addressed. I must add that as a teenager, it’s not easy combining schooling with business, but because of the passion I have for both, success in them has become my driving force.I currently see myself as a company offering quality services to its target customers.

The target audience for my business is the global market. With the help of God, I am making money from my business. I get customers from the campus near our home.
My customers are mostly students, which makes my brand stand out even though I treat customers very well.

Even when they are not making their hair, I call them and ask for their wellbeing, and apart from that, my creativity in terms of forming new styles stand me out in the business.

Source: Guardian