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Divine Favour Osomujie-paul Mumeh, also known as DF or Divi. is a lover of God. She is a Law student, content creator, a youtuber and a Podcaster, birthed out of her love to talk to people and communicate her own view.

She is the CEO of lashes by divi, where she sells quality lashes for affordable prices.She loves talking, engaging in self development conversation and loves reading alot.

Who is Divine Favour?

Divine Favour Osomujie-paul Mumeh is a 400l student of Law at Rivers state university(RSU). She is a lover of God, a jovial and goofy fellow.

She is a content creator, vlogger, (Ilahi’s empire on YouTube), and also a Podcaster (Coffee time with Divi).

2. Who and what inspires your creative flow?

My creative flow is inspired by God, by my environment, my creative flow is also inspired by myself. I desire to continuously impact lives and because of that I keep on pushing.

3. How has the covid-19 pandemic affected you as a student, creative and business owner?

Covid-19 has affected me greatly as a student because since it’s inception into Nigeria, schools have been shut down and education has being on a pause, especially for students in the public schools.

As a business owner, it also has a negative effect because due to the interstate lock down, delivery of products have been low. At a point the whole business was on a hold.

As a creative, the lockdown has been a blessing, this is because now people are at home, there is less workload, and people are looking for platforms to keep them engaged during this period.

4. You vlog with your YouTube channel “Ilahi’s Empire” and recently started a podcast last December “Coffee Time With Divi”. What birthed both and what do they border on?

When I was undergoing the process of self discovery, I realized that there was nothing I liked to do and I am not like those very fortunate to know what their talents are. I realized within that time that I loved to talk, I didn’t know and still don’t know if it counts as a talent but anytime I am talking, I am happy, so I decided to rebrand my talking and make it useful, also before that time I had always dreamt of having a YouTube channel, and I kept waiting for the right time, then one day I just woke up did makeup and I started a relationship series shot 7 videos that day and started uploading.

My podcast was also birthed by my desire to talk. My YouTube channel and my podcast borders on Relationship talks, lifestyle, Vlogs and also me sharing my views on trending topics.

5. Major challenges young creatives and entrepreneurs face in Nigeria?

I think the major challenge young creatives and entrepreneurs face in Nigeria is that they tend to put themselves under pressure by comparing themselves with bigger brands that have toiled to be where they are, I believe your starting stage is a stage to acquire all the experience you need, make mistakes and get forgiven.

6. What has Covid-19 pandemic taught and opened your eyes to?

Value. It has taught me value, the world at large is on hold, but people are still relevant and still making it big in these times, the big question is: Is what you are doing adding value to people around?

7. What is one thing you’ll like to change about yourself?

My unserious nature.

8. List three women who inspire you and why?

Michelle Obama: She inspires me to be that successful woman behind a successful man, her love and support to her husband is overwhelming.

Tara Durotoye: She was amongst the pioneers of makeup brands in Nigeria, I like her perspective to life.

My mom: She is the strongest woman I know and she inspires me to be strong.

9. What inspired you to start your own beauty line: Lashes by Divi. Any plan to expand it to more beauty products? Challenges when you started and any till now?

I actually learnt how to do make-up and during that period I got interested in makeup products so when I had the opportunity to start I took it, yes if money comes I plan to expand to more beauty products.

Getting a good customer base is a huge challenge

10. If given the chance to be the Chief Justice of Nigeria for a day, what will you change?

Go through the cases of those in the prisons and the innocent ones, apply for pardon for them.

11. Did your upbringing in any way prepare you for everything you are into today?

Yes it did. Character wise, and also my love for business grew from staying in my mom’s shop and selling for her.

12. Where do you see yourself/your brand in the nest 5years?

I see my brand becoming a household name, a brand that offer value to people globally.

13. If you were given the opportunity to address a group of girls five years younger than you, what will be your advice to them?

You are a queen don’t settle for less.

Online businesses have become very popular these days and I have to say that I love them. Apart from the fact that they save you the hassle and stress of going shopping by yourself, they provide a larger variety of options for you without having to leave the comfort of your home. So many things are now sold online; from clothing to accessories and even food items. Thank God for the internet and social media! However, there are a few things that a lot of online vendors have to stop doing.

Posting products without prices

This one really has to be the most annoying for me. I can’t explain how seeing that ‘DM for price’ note at the bottom of product posts annoys me and a lot of people online complain about it too. Someone on Instagram likened it to being asked to go to the checker at a supermarket or shopping mall to ask for the price each time you see a product you want to buy. How stressful! You might think it is to ensure only serious buyers contact you but it only repels prospective customers. A prospective buyer might think: “what if I can’t afford your price after inquiry?”

Personally, I would rather save myself from the awkward situation of having to explain that I can’t afford it. Some vendors do this so that they can size up the potential buyer first from their social media account, and then give them a price depending on ‘how rich they look’. If you don’t want your business to be perceived that way, please post with your price. Trust me, it saves your own time as well.

Using inappropriate words like ‘dear’ and ‘love’ to talk to customers

This is sometimes as funny as it is annoying. You should run a business professionally and avoid using inappropriate words to address customers. Person wey no go buy, no go buy! I remember having this same experience with an Instagram clothing vendor and even with all the ‘love’ and ‘dears’, it still ended in tears. The dress I ordered was a terrible case of ‘what I ordered versus what I got’. Anytime I think of that dress, I still feel heartbroken. A simple ma’am or sir is appropriate enough to address a customer. It saves your business from appearing unprofessional.

Comment section advertisement

I know you’re trying to get your business more customers but ask yourself this: would you patronize a business from the comment section? I go through comment sections sometimes and see business handles advertising their products and I usually just scroll past. I’m no marketing expert but I can tell you this: sponsored ads can draw more people to your page than comment section adverts. Social media influencers can also help you with advertisements, for the right price of course. I have seen businesses advertise in the comment section of posts that talk about death and gotten bashed for it. If you must advertise in comment sections, use your head!

Using product pictures from other vendors/poor photography

Have you ever seen the same picture of a product being used by many different sellers? Does it ever make you wonder if the business is genuine? As a business owner, you should learn to take your own product pictures and avoid using pictures of others, even if it is the same product you both sell. You should invest in good photography as well to avoid posting poor quality pictures. Remember, we are mostly attracted by what we see.

Posting no reviews

Because you want people to see all the amazing products and services you have to offer immediately they visit your page, you bombard your page with product pictures alone. This is wrong. One thing about online buyers is that they want to see some proof that others have ordered and indeed received their product. Buying online is as risky as it is helpful. Reviews are very important in getting buyers to trust you enough to send their money to you without fear. You should post reviews of your products regularly, especially if you have been running your business for a while. Avoid posting fake reviews though. Simply ask your buyers to take pictures with your products after receiving them and send them to you.

About Author

Jesupemi Are is a young, creative and passionate writer. She likes to write about her personal life experiences, ideas and opinion on subject matters that give her a thought. She holds a degree in Industrial Chemistry from Achievers University, Ondo state. You can reach her on Instagram- @theafricanlily and via Email- jesupemiare@gmail.com

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