Olutosin Araromi


MBGN Universe, Olutosin Araromi, was definitely one to watch out for at this year’s Miss Universe beauty pageant, and this she proved by placing among the top 20 out of 90 contestants.

Olutosin competed alongside 90 other ladies at the Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia, at the event which saw South Africa’s Zozibini Tunzi getting crowned as the 68th Miss Universe.

Tosin’s general charisma, poise and intelligence made it possible for her to place as a finalist, which is interestingly the first time in many years a Nigerian will place at the top spot.

When it was Olutosin’s turn to say something about herself, the 25-year-old public speaker who tragically lost her mum during the 2019 MBGN pageant, mentioned that the death of her mom has taught her perseverance and she uses her story to inspire and uplift youths.

Here are the top 20 contestants below:

Nigeria – Olutosin Araromi

South Africa – Zozibini Tunzi (WINNER)

Vietnam – Hoàng Thùy

Indonesia – Frederika Alexis Cull (Top 10)

Thailand – Paweensuda Drouin (Top 5)

Albania – Cindy Marina

Colombia – Gabriela Tafur (Top 5)

Brazil – Julia Horta

India – Vartika Singh

Venezuela – Thalia Olvino

The Philippines – Gazini Ganados

USA – Cheslie Kryst (Top 10)

Mexico – Sofía Aragón (Top 3)

The Dominican Republic – Clauvid Daly

Peru – Kelin Rivera

Puerto Rico – Madison Anderson

Portugal – Sylvie Silvia

Croatia – Mia Rkman

Iceland – Birta Abiba Þórhallsdóttir

France – Maëva Coucke

Olutosin Araromi, the beauty queen who is partly Yoruba and partly Benin is the current MBGN Universe 2019 after becoming the 1st runner-up at the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria ceremony Friday night.

Olutosin Araromi (Miss Taraba) lost her mom, Elizabeth Araromi on the 6th of September 2019 after a trip to Nigeria to pursue her daughter’s lifelong dream of representing Nigeria at the MBGN 2019. She wrote:

I never thought in my life I would be writing this but with a very heavy devastated heart I’m here to inform everyone of the untimely passing of my sweet Mother Elizabeth.

My mother and I travelled back home to Lagos, Nigeria to pursue my lifelong dream of representing Nigeria on an international platform so I applied to compete for @silverbirdmbgn.

Unfortunately this past Friday evening when me and her were coming back from the mainland after wrapping up my final evening gown fitting disaster struck.

Our @uber@ubernigeria broke down on the 3rd mainland bridge-ojoo express. When we were trying to get to safety and get into our 2nd Uber a danfo bus veered off track and struck my mom.

The danfo bus didn’t stop it kept on driving. Thankfully by a Good Samaritan we were able to get my mom into a car and rushed to the hospital. After about 20-30 minutes of trying to resuscitate my mother the doctor announced that the injuries she sustained were fatal. My whole life changed in less than an hour. Those who are close to me know how close I was to my mother.

She was my friend, my mentor, my spiritual prayer partner, my motivation, my confidant, my everything. She sacrificed her life to help me pursue my dream. The marathon will continue…I will still compete in @silverbirdmbgn to honor my mom and her legacy.

And in the future I plan to start a foundation in her honor. Threw this hard time in my life I’ve learned that time with your loved ones should never be taking for granted. Love and cherish the people who truly support you in life. And God will give you strength through all of life’s burdens. Thank you to everyone who has prayed for me, reached out to me and donated towards my mom’s funeral.

Mommy I will make you proud I promise everything you taught me I will apply it to my life and teach my future children. I love you soo much ma, till we meet again in heaven, love you forever🙏🏾✨❤️(The go fund me link to donate to my mom’s funeral will be in my bio) #RIPmom#heavengainedanangel #iyaniwura #loveyou9/6/2019💔

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