Naomi Oloyede


Eleven-year-old girl, Naomi Oloyede has gained worldwide acclaim after she spoke at a recent UN conference.

She addressed the UN Office on Drugs and Crime international conference in Vienna, where she called for a better life for children all over the world.

Oloyede addressed the High-Level #Education4Justice Conference during the UNODC.

Oloyede said:

“In the world, we live in, corruption and organised crime have been the order of the day. Hardly days pass by without us hearing breaking news on corruption. What to do to fight corruption? As a child, I will resist the temptation of peer pressure. I will learn how to say no to wrongdoings. I will quickly exclude myself from groups planning or committing in my society and I will report to the authorities.

“We should have good government. Government that will not engage in corrupt practices. Government that will provide us with enabling environment. As children, we want to grow up in a place where there is peace, where there is power,  and where the rule of law is respected. The future of children and the youths is in the hands of our policymakers. So, I want to plead with you to join hands together to make our world a better, safe and inclusive place.


UNODC’s Doha Declaration Global Programme


Every child should grow up in a safe and just world!🕊️

11-year-old Naomi Oloyede from Nigeria 🇳🇬 addressed this week’s High-Level Conference and urged us all to and make the 🌏 a better, safer and more inclusive place.

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Earlier this week, Naomi Oloyede, an 11-year-old anti-corruption activist addressed the High-Level #Education4Justice conference in Vienna, Austria.

Naomi Oloyede, from NIgeria, travelled to Vienna, Austria in October 2019 to take part in the International Conference “Educating for the Rule Of Law” held under the Education for Justice initiative of UNODC’s Doha Declaration Global Programme.

At the High-Level opening, Naomi addressed over 350 leaders, policymakers and educators gathered from across the world and, on behalf of all children, urged them to make the world a better, safer and more inclusive place: “We want to grow up in a place where there is peace and where the rule of law is respected”.

Watch her speech below: