Suicide is not an option, because there are better alternatives. Find your reasons to live and seek professional help as needed.

Depression and poor mental/emotional health are the main contributing factors to suicide and suicidal thoughts.

Suicide isn’t something anyone should consider and it needs to be addressed from a perspective of hope; that things will get better, people do love and care about you and that there are many other options.

Suicide should never be an option. Getting healthy by seeking professional help is what really needs to happen.

Healing our inner scars will alleviate those thoughts, feelings and tendencies.

  1. There is always hope

Life really does suck sometimes, and other people’s behaviors and choices affect us. As a survivor of sexual abuse, I can see the ripples in my life from being violated and hurt as a child. Sometimes we think the only way to stop hurting, to stop feeling the weight and pain left in the wake of abuse, is to leave this life behind. But it’s not true. That’s a lie Satan wants us to believe.

Because of our Savior Jesus Christ we can heal, and we can stop feeling the pains of abuse.

We have hope.

We have options.

2. We are not what happened to us

We are loved by God who knows who we are and what we need. We can use His love and all other resources available to find peace and heal. You’re never alone.

Put these reasons in a prominent place and refer to it when you’re struggling and continue to add to the list. There are always reasons to keep living. And if you can’t find one, ask someone close to you to help you see all the reasons why you are needed.

Here are just 12 reasons I choose life over suicide

My six children (who could really count as individual reasons), who are not perfect, but are incredible little humans.

My patient husband, who is also not perfect, but tries hard and loves me despite myself.

My faith in God.

I have goals I want to complete before my life is complete.

I’m stronger than I think I am.

My close friends who enrich my life and encourage me to keep going.

I have overcome a lot to get where I am now.

I refuse to let the actions of others control my life.

Without pain, I couldn’t experience joy. If I’m in pain, I know joy is around the corner.

I want to help others know they’re not alone.

I like progressing and improving and I can’t do that without being alive.

Suicide would be letting a lot of people down- my family, my friends and myself. And, of course, God who doesn’t want any of us to give up.

What are your 12 (or more) reasons to keep on living? Write them down! Share them with a friend! Remind yourself frequently of every reason you have to stay alive.

Don’t give up, my friends. Suicide is not the answer. It will get better, you will overcome; you will heal. You are stronger than you know and you have so many people on earth and in Heaven rooting for you, cheering you on. It’s okay to ask for help. It’s okay to cry out in prayer. You are loved. Don’t give up. You have many other, much better options. Reach out and seek help.

Please, if you are having suicidal thoughts and/or actions, seek help from a professional, or a friend or family member who will take you seriously and assist you in finding the professional help you need.

Source: Familyshare