Ijeoma Etuk


Ijeoma Etuk is the Lead Content Marketing Strategist at InkJay Creatives and Contracts, with 3 years of experience in content writing, research, and editing. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Ebonyi State University.

With a focus on “Content creation with InkJay,” Ijeoma has successfully trained over 4000 business owners on how to attract their audience, target their market, build credibility, and generate sales through engaging, inspiring, entertaining, and educational content. She has also designed more than 80 customized content calendars that have helped brands and business owners achieve best-selling products. Testimonials from her clients consistently showcase her exceptional services and contribute to the continuous growth of her brand.

In addition to her role as a content marketing strategist and writer, Ijeoma is a Certified Virtual Assistant, proficient in various tasks such as social media management, email management, customer service support, data entry, lead generation, and general administrative duties. She continuously expands her skill set to provide comprehensive professional assistance.

Ijeoma’s work ethic and dedication are evident in her conscientious approach to her work and trainings. Alongside her professional pursuits, she is a devoted lover of God.

In this exclusive interview, we delve into the inspiring journey of Ijeoma Etuk. She shares her insights, challenges, and advice for aspiring professionals in the industry with Esther Ijewere.

Empowering Businesses through Engaging Content Creation

Ijeoma Etuk has dedicated her career to helping businesses attract their target audience, build credibility, and generate sales through engaging, inspiring, and educational content. With a focus on “Content creation with InkJay,” she has trained over 4000 business owners, equipping them with the necessary tools to succeed in a competitive market.

Designing Customized Content Calendars for Success

Recognizing the power of well-planned content strategies, Ijeoma has designed over 80 tailor-made content calendars for brands and business owners. These calendars have proven to be instrumental in transforming ordinary products into bestsellers. Positive testimonials from satisfied clients reinforce Ijeoma’s exceptional skills and the effectiveness of her content marketing strategies.

Balancing Availability and Demand

As a sought-after content marketing strategist, one of Ijeoma’s challenges lies in meeting the demand for her teachings. To overcome this, she has transformed her courses into digital products, ensuring wider accessibility for individuals seeking to enhance their content creation skills.

Certified Virtual Assistant and Beyond

In addition to her role as a content marketing strategist, Ijeoma holds the prestigious title of a Certified Virtual Assistant. She offers professional assistance in various areas, including social media management, email management, customer service support, data entry, lead generation, and general administrative tasks. Constantly expanding her skill set, Ijeoma remains at the forefront of providing comprehensive solutions to her clients.

Lessons Learned and Inspiring Figures

Ijeoma draws inspiration from her mother, who guided her in choosing her career path, allowing her to fulfill her purpose. Her sister, Lilian Gbarade, serves as a role model for balancing multiple responsibilities and excelling in all aspects of life. Ijeoma admires Oluchi Madu for her dedication to her brand and her commitment to helping individuals discover their talents and monetize them.

Tailoring Solutions for Individual Brands

When working with clients, Ijeoma begins by conducting page audits to understand the client’s brand messaging and feedback from their audience. This enables her to develop personalized solutions that align with the client’s goals. In many cases, a customized content calendar becomes a powerful tool in driving successful content marketing campaigns.

Guidance for Aspiring Content Creators

Ijeoma advises emerging professionals to embrace originality and consistency in their content creation endeavors. She emphasizes the importance of taking time to test and validate strategies, as well as gaining expertise in a specific niche to stand out in the creative writing sector.

Expanding Horizons as a Presenter

Aside from her content marketing role, Ijeoma serves as a presenter and co-producer for the Creative Solutions segment of Breakfast Delight, a prominent breakfast TV show. This segment highlights the creative contributions of individuals and companies in Nigeria’s Ministry of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises Sector.

Being a Woman of Rubies

For Ijeoma, being a Woman of Rubies means recognizing her worth, purpose, and practicing self-love. She believes in giving back to others without judgment or bias.

Connect with ijeoma

Facebook: Ijeoma Iniobong Etuk
Business page: https://inkjay.com.ng

Ijeoma Etuk is the Lead Content Marketing Strategist at InkJay Creatives and Contracts with approximately 3 years of versatility in content writing, proficient researching and editing diverse content. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biotechnology from Ebonyi State University.

How Ijeoma is helping professionals seal deals and bag contracts through her Tailormade content calendar

Ijeoma’s Momentum

She has demonstrated records of accomplishments in proposing, outlining and impacting business owners on the wheels of “Content creation with InkJay” where she has taught over 4000 business owners how to attract their audience as well as target market, build credibility and make sales while engaging, inspiring, entertaining and educating them.

Ijeoma Etuk

Designing Tailor-Made Content Calenders

She is known to have designed well above 80 tailor-made content calendars for brands/business owners, and these calendars can make any product become your Bestseller. Testimonials of her product/services from her clients make rounds, and her brand thrives on account of the never-ending positive reviews.

To being a content marketing strategist and content writer, Ijeoma has added a Certified Virtual Assistant badge to her badges from African Leadership group.

Ijeoma Etuk’s Socia Media Skills

She can professionally cater to social media management, Email management, Customer service support, Data Entry, Lead generation and General administrative tasks. At work/trainings, Ijeoma’ soft skills would get you. She is a lover of God and works conscientiously.


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