Coty Consumer Beauty


After three years, Ojo will be leaving her role as Chief Marketing Officer for Coty Consumer Beauty where she had to oversee brands like Cover Girl and Sally Hansen.

She made the announcement on Instagram saying that she has always wanted to work with MAC Cosmetics.

When I was in business school (circa 2003), I wanted to switch from a 6-year career in Finance to Marketing/Brand Management. A very common question many companies asked in brand management interviews was… Interviewers: Can you give me an example of a brand you think is marketed well? Me: M.A.C Cosmetics

Ojo has previously worked with high-end brands including ClairolRimmelKaty Perry Parfums, and Nautica.

In her post on Instagram, she expresses her gratitude to Cover Girl and Coty Consumer Beauty for “an amazing career a girl could dream of.”

She also thanks MAC for bringing her on board.

To my M.A.C family, thank you for welcoming me so warmly. ME LOVE YOU LONG TIME!!!

See her Instagram post below:

Photo credit: @ukonwaojo


Credit: Bella Naija