Chioma Ogamba


These women have been able to break the barrier that prevents black women from reaching the top of their careers. They have been celebrated for their accomplishments, and recognized for changing narratives and making room for other women to thrive through their various endeavors.

In celebration of International women’s month, we highlight these 8 Nigerian women who are making us proud In Canada.

  1. Esther Ijewere

Esther is the founder of Women of Rubies, a newspaper columnist, author, public relations and media strategist, and women’s advocate. She uses her online platform as a storyteller to highlight the contributions of Nigerian-Canadian women across the country.

Her work as a community builder and activist has been instrumental in helping to bridge the gap between the Nigerian and Canadian communities, creating a sense of belonging and connection for those who have immigrated to Canada. As a gifted storyteller, Esther uses her storytelling skills to raise awareness about social issues and inspire others to take action.

Esther’s stories often focus on the experiences of women, particularly those of Nigerian-Canadian women, and the unique challenges they face as immigrants in Canada.

She also anchors  a talk show_ “Get Talking with Esther” an online talk show aimed at helping individuals put their thoughts to words, promote positive living, and find their voices

She was recently recognized as of the 100 Most Influential Female Founders in Africa.

Inspiring Nigerian Women In Canada
Esther Ijewere-Founder-Women of Rubies

2. Chioma Ogamba

Chioma is one of the most sought-after Immigration consultants in Canada. She addresses Business Immigration, Student Visas, Residency by Investment, and Citizenship. The amazon is the founder of Kisha Immigration, a licensed immigration firm found in Alberta, Canada.  Her brand was formed out of her drive for assisting people to look for greener pastures abroad and put smiles on people’s faces through their dream actualization.

Chioma is a first-class honors graduate of Applied Business Computing in the UK. She also schooled in four other countries: Canada, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the  United Kingdom. She moved to Canada as a permanent resident and obtained certification in Information Technology, Immigration Consulting, and an MBA in Business Administration.

Immigration Consultant in Canada
Chioma Ogamba- CE0-KIsha Immigration

3. Eno Eka

Eno Eka is a business analyst and change manager based in Calgary, Alberta. She is an award-winning career coach and speaker who has been recognized for helping more than 20,000 professionals around the world kickstart their professional careers.  She is a business analysis content developer and course instructor at the University of Manitoba. She is the CEO of Eny Consulting Inc and the Founder of Business Analysis School.

Eno Eka Miss Pragmatic
Eno Eka

4. Adedoyin Omotara

Adedoyin is a life coach, business coach, speaker, women empowerment advocate, and beauty entrepreneur. Born in Uk to Nigerian parents, her passion to live a purposeful life made her abandon her thriving Corporate Engineering field and turn into a women’s empowerment advocate and beauty entrepreneur.

The inspirational icon founded her well-structured company Adoniaa Beauty which can stand the test of time after retirement by attending business courses and investing in business coaches.

Adedoyin extends the business knowledge gotten from running her own company to others and she has helped a lot of business owners start, structure, and grow their firms productively.

Inspiring Niigerian women in Canada
Adedoyin Omotara | Image: Sheleads

5. Beauty Darosa

Beauty Darosa is the owner of Naija Jollof, a Nigerian food counter located in Westwood Square Mall in Mississauga, and other locations across Canada.  Naija Jollof is a business that serves Nigerian dishes. Their food counter was birthed with their goal to prepare Nigerian traditional food and street food that Nigerians in Canada can enjoy especially Jollof rice.

Beauty Darosa
Beauty Darosa- Co-founder- Naijajollof

6. Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye is an accomplished and versatile professional, holding dual qualifications as a lawyer in both Nigeria and Canada. She has obtained a Master of Law degree from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom and holds two diplomas in Paralegal Studies and Immigration Consultancy, asides from her LLB & BL.

In addition to her legal career, Moyosore is a writer, movie producer, and coach. She has produced three Indigenous Yoruba-language movies: Isipo, Ebi Mi Ni, and Asepamo, which are currently available on AfricaMagic (DSTV) and YouTube platforms.

Inspiring Nigerian women In Canada
Moyosore Sadiq-Soneye

7. Adekelu Ogunleye

Adekelu a.k.a Kelu is an entrepreneur who owns Kelu Cooks, a business firm that focuses on tantalizing Intercontinental and African meals. The serial entrepreneur also owns other businesses, called ‘international Obioma,’ and Kelz cleaning services because of her passion for cleaning and organization skills.

Adekelu has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Lagos, in literature. She obtained a diploma in developmental service work program from Cambrian College, Canada from which she was given the ‘Leadership Award,’ and ‘Building Momentum Award.’

The talented fashionista obtains a style consultant certification to take her potential to another level. Adekelu Ogunleye’s passion for humanity ignited her interest in social work.

Nigerian Women in Canada
Adekelu Ogunleye

8. Monisola Kusanu

Monisola is the founder and CEO of fast-growing Sugartowndesserts, a cakes and desserts catering brand that provides custom cakes, desserts & chocolate-covered treats for all occasions and celebrations.

The brand has since grown in leaps and bounds. Sugartowndesserts is known for its unique tastes, colorful designs, and Customer-centric offerings which stand them out from the pack.

Monisola has a BSc in Statistics from Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ogun State, Nigeria. Her statistical knowledge helps her to better understand her customers, optimize her production process, improve her product quality, and increase profitability. She is revered for her commitment to excellence, eye for detail, and innovative ideas.

Monisola Bukola Sugartowndesserts

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Chioma Ogamba Ifediata is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kisha Immigration, a licensed Canadian immigration company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The trusted brand was born out of her passion for helping people find greener pastures and sharing in their joy when their dream becomes an exciting reality.

Kisha Immigration is affiliated to the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

Chioma studied Applied Business Computing in the United Kingdom and graduated with First class Honors and got educated in four countries.

Being an ardent believer in personal development and never-ending improvement, she immigrated to Canada as a permanent resident, then acquired degrees in Canadian Immigration Consulting, Information Technology, and an MBA (Business administration), graduating at the top of her class with a perfect CGPA of 4.0/4.0 in all three.

Chioma Ogamba Kisha Immigration

Chioma is delighted in witnessing people’s lives change entirely for the best. Their lives get transformed in a way that generations will be inspired by her actions to become a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

In this interview with Esther Ijewere, the sought-after Immigration consultant shares her inspiring journey and how she didn’t let the ASUU strike deter her from chasing her dreams.

Childhood Influence

My childhood did inspire me on my current path, even without my knowing it at the time. My father passed away when I was five years old; I remember hearing about how he was diagnosed with cancer and needed to seek a different opinion and receive treatment outside Nigeria. Sadly, his first visa application got rejected, and it was already too late for him by the time the second visa was approved. He passed away before the planned travel date.

Around the same time, I heard the story of another family member who was diagnosed with the same kind of cancer but had the access to travel abroad and was able to receive treatment there.

These two scenarios stirred up many emotions for me as I grew up pondering so many “what ifs” that might have averted my dad’s unfortunate demise.

What if he had global access? What if he did not require a visa to have access to good healthcare in the first place? He still would not have survived even if he got good medical attention… we will never know. There is nothing like having a second option to fall back on if necessary.

When most people think about Immigration, they see it solely as a gate pass to better living opportunities, but in some cases, it bottles down to life and death.

As citizens of third-world nations where most of our leaders travel abroad to seek better healthcare, what becomes the hope of the others that cannot afford it? My dad’s untimely demise birthed my passion for attaining global access and high quality of life for myself, my family and future generations. This eventually snowballed into me having a business immigration program decades later.

The Inspiration Behind Kisha Immigration

The inspiration for Kisha immigration came when I realized that I spent most of my free time since 2016 speaking to people on the phone for long hours, guiding them on how to get a second residency.

Consequently, when it came down to choosing a business idea to develop, Global Mobility was a perfect choice; there was nothing else I was more passionate about and also solved a problem people needed help with.

When trying to figure this out, the first question I asked myself is ‘what is in my hands?’  It was helping people become global citizens which would totally change not just their lives but that of their immediate family and future generations!

In other words, helping them unlock their global access by attaining a second residency/citizenship through entrepreneurship, investments, education, and work experience.

I thought to myself, “If I enjoyed doing this for free, I might as well get paid doing it while changing lives at the same time.”

I believe that as a child of God, I should have dominion from sea to sea, and from the river to the ends of the earth. One of the ways I hold onto this scripture is that I should not be restricted in my movement or access to other parts of the world.

There are diverse ways to achieve this; for me one of the ways was through immigration, cultivating a global mindset and unlocking my global access. Seeing how immigration transformed my life and the lives of everyone I helped achieve the same results inspired me to start Kisha Immigration Inc.

So, I transitioned from my 9 to 5 aspect of my career that spanned across different domains and industries (financial services, information technology, business analysis, robotic process automation and project management) to focus squarely on my passion – Global Mobility.

 The Advantage of Studying in Four Countries

The exposure I gained from studying in four countries gave me the right foundation for my career. I started at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, then moved to Malaysia to start a new program at a UK-affiliated university. I transferred to the UK to finish that degree and graduated from the University of Sunderland.

That experience as a young woman gave me an insight into how different the world was from where I hailed from. The diverse cultures, global opportunities, and higher standard of living. I had the resolve, as a young lady, to strive for better. I wanted the opportunity to operate on a global interface, interact with different people across the globe, and experience diverse cultures. I did not want to be restricted to where I was from.

One of the goals that preceded my other goals at that moment was obtaining a second passport. I was confident that it would open the doors of the world to me. This turned out to be our mission at Kisha: to open the doors of the world to our clients and help them gain global access.

Being able to provide the same for my children and future generations started from my studying abroad and seeing what was obtainable outside Nigeria. Today, my entire family is Canadian; my child even became Canadian before my husband and me. It all started with my dream of what I wanted for my family, and today that dream has become my reality.

How I Became a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant

I started as a regulated Immigration consultant and expanded toward having global partnerships to offer business immigration, citizenship, and residency by investment programs in over twenty countries. However, this feat was not achieved overnight; it took years of persistent arduous work.

I was aware that to help more people attain the transformational heights that come with immigration, I needed to have a team and structure set in place. I could not do it alone.

However, I could not start Kisha Immigration without a Canadian immigration consulting license, and getting this license required obtaining a Diploma in Canada Immigration Law first. I was operating on a hectic schedule then, and the only way I could start and finish the program was during my maternity leave.

Canada grants a one-year parental leave to nursing moms, and this was one of the rewards of Canada that intrigued me as a young girl even before I moved to the country.

Being as ambitious as I am, I decided to use the opportunity to complete my one-year diploma and my MBA. I graduated from both programs with a perfect CGPA of 4.0/4.0, and went on to write my license exam, which I aced on the first trial.

My Relocation Journey

My first stint at relocating was over a decade ago during a protracted ASUU strike when I was still in UNN. I did not want any breaks in my studies, and I loved learning. That was when I relocated for the first time with my immediate younger sister to complete my studies. After graduation, I had to go back home due to the change in the UK immigration policies.

I was determined to relocate again. I had shared my plans to relocate a second time with one of my friends, and through her, I learned of a new program that had recently launched in Canada at the time – Express Entry. It was the opportunity to gain Canadian permanent residency based on my professional work experience. A year later, I got selected by the Canadian government to send in my application and I did.

The rest they say is history. This goes to show that there is no one way to get a second residency or citizenship. It commonly happens through education, but it can also happen through entrepreneurship, real estate investments and skilled work experience

Challenges Of My Work

Owing to the fraudulent experiences that most of our prospects & clients have had with fake immigration agents, sometimes, their ability to trust us is diminished when they first approach us. We aim to be very transparent when we work with our clients.

The goal is to deliver as soon as we can within a reasonable timeframe. If there are any immigration changes along the way, we notify them immediately because a few of my core values are transparency, excellence, and integrity. These form the foundation on which Kisha Immigration is built.

Lastly, explaining to prospects and clients the importance of working with a licensed immigration consultant who is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant can be challenging. Finding out if the immigration consultant managing your application is licensed or working in collaboration with a licensed consultant is more important than having a physical office.

This is because an unscrupulous company can easily pack up and vacate the office, but a license obtained in a country like Canada with as much diligence and sacrifice as I have put in is priceless. The chance of me deliberately jeopardizing my license is non-existent.

Profiling Of Black Women and How They Can Be Supported

Black women can have high performing careers and businesses. They should not be under-estimated because they can excel at endeavors they set out to accomplish. However, they also need support and should be encouraged. So, encourage them in their work, business, and other achievements; not only when they get married or have children.

We can be supported by having our businesses posted online and circulated among your WhatsApp and Facebook groups; if you are the ideal client, we seek that you patronize us. Let us do all we can to empower and support Black women to succeed.

How We Help Our Clients Immigrate To Canada At Kisha Immigration

We help first class clients get second citizenship or residency through Canada business immigration programs, citizenship by investment programs in the Caribbean, and residency by investment programs in Europe and beyond – over twenty countries worldwide. We also go the extra mile to help them settle in when they relocate to a new country as residents and guide them on the path to citizenship.

For our ambitious ‘study abroad’ clients, we help them select the right program, school, and country to study in and process their admissions and visa applications as well. We also help them settle in the country that will become their new home.

Sometimes, international students find it difficult to excel in their studies and land great jobs. We help them achieve this through our Academic and Career Excellence Coaching program. We also ensure that they have the right citizenship blueprint for that country. That is usually the ultimate goal for most clients.

Three Women Who Inspire You And Why

Despite being a young widow, my mom gave us the best education possible. So, I grew up without feeling the impact of not having a dad so much. She remained diligent and focused on giving us the best, which set the bar high for what I wanted for my children; I wanted to provide them with beyond what my mom gave me, and thankfully, I am already doing that. My aunt is another hugely inspiring figure in my life.

Her name is Mrs. Chibuzo Barth-Akaba. She is a fantastic woman, and it is so inspiring to see her build her different businesses and try to utilize all her talents. Then, growing up there was Oprah Winfrey, an inspiring Black woman on a global stage spitting wisdom. She looked like me so that was so encouraging and inspiring. Representation is so important; it acts as a catalyst to walk on a journey that once seemed out of reach.

My Advice For Nigerian Youths Affected By ASUU Strike

I would first address the parents and guardians of students who have experienced or are currently experiencing the arduous ASUU strike. As much as you would want them to go back and continue the program, the best course of action would be to send them abroad. If it seems too expensive, they could try applying for scholarships, and there are schools with affordable tuition fees abroad.

My mom did not necessarily send me to a top study destination at first, but when I got there, I could transfer to the UK on a partial scholarship.

Delays in getting an education and becoming a graduate are saddening. I was studying electronic engineering at UNN before I relocated. Because engineering was not available during my program selection, I opted for IT, which I had to start over, but I ended up graduating months ahead of my counterparts at UNN. I went through the fast-track route and had three semesters in a year instead of two semesters.

It might be different for everyone; you might be required to stay an additional year or two, but even with that, coming out with a marketable degree makes it worth it. Studying abroad makes you a well-rounded individual with a global mindset.

To the youths in question, if studying abroad does not seem attainable, then the ASUU strike is the ideal opportunity to develop and hone skills that would prove helpful, whether in your immigration journey or other general aspects of your life.

I still need to improve, but I try to ensure they coexist nicely. I have gotten to a point where I have consciously decided to stop working on weekends to spend quality time with my family and give attention to other aspects of my personal life. Because these are two crucial facets of my life, I try to understand how to manage both so that one does not adversely affect the other. It is all about being disciplined with time management.

Chioma Ogamba

Other Projects And Activities By Chioma Ogamba Ifediata

I am enthusiastic about helping young people access good education without financial constraints. Given this, we are launching a foundation in my dad’s memory dedicated to keeping his name and legacy alive. The Foundation will be launching soon and will cater to the needs of the underprivileged while equipping them with capacity-building skills. I do not believe in the saying that says “don’t just give a person fish but also teach them how to fish,” which proves to be more sustainable. We will also have workshops targeted at teaching them skills that they can monetize to create a better life for themselves.

Being A  Woman Of Rubies

I consider myself a woman of value and excellence, and I am also a robust and tenacious woman who sticks with what she starts until she finishes it. No matter how long or complex, I keep going as long as I can achieve it. Inspiring people to become the excellent version of themselves is also one of my favourite things to do.

One Thing I Wish To Change In The Canadian Immigration Process

It is common knowledge that Britain colonized Nigeria. Therefore, we speak, write, and hold degrees in English, so it is puzzling that Nigerians are still required to take English language proficiency tests for visa purposes. Most schools in Canada no longer demand IELTS from international students, but the Government of Canada still mandates that IELTS be taken for specific immigration pathways. It should be scrapped, as it is unnecessary for Nigerians.


Chioma Ogamba  knows her onions and she is proud of it. The amazon is fast becoming one of the most sought-after Immigration consultant In Canada, with core focus on Student Visa, Business Immigration, Citizenship and Residency by Investment.

Chioma Ogamba is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Kisha Immigration, a licensed Canadian immigration company located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The trusted brand was birthed out of her passion for helping people find greener pastures and sharing in their joy when their dream becomes an exciting reality. Her niche is in Student Visa, Business Immigration, Citizenship & Residency by Investment

The company began as a pro bono consultation and guidance service in 2016, before becoming a fully licensed company with an expanded reach and range of clients and services.  Kisha Immigration is affiliated to Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC), College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC).

The driven amazon with an eye for innovation and excellent customer service is committed to helping her clients achieve their Canadian dream. Kisha Immigration renders services such as immigration and citizenship consulting, business immigration, citizenship and residency by investment, settlement consulting and lots more.

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Chioma Ogamba  studied Applied Business Computing in the United Kingdom and graduated with First class Honors. The visionary amazon also got educated in four countries: Nigeria, Malaysia, United Kingdom, and Canada. Being an ardent believer in personal development and never-ending improvement, she immigrated to Canada as a permanent residence, then acquired degrees in Canadian Immigration Consulting, Information Technology, and an MBA (Business administration), graduating at the top of her class with a perfect CGPA of 4.0/4.0 in all three.

Her first relocation experience started when she was 18 years old and had to avoid the pangs of the ASUU strike in the Nigerian university. She gained admission to study at a UK-affiliated school in Malaysia and relocated with her immediate younger sister, whom she assisted with both her admission and student visa application.

Chioma Ogamba
Chioma Ogamba- Immigration Consultant

Accidentally, this was her first informal immigration client. Eighteen months down the line, they were awarded scholarships and transferred to the University of Sunderland to complete their first degrees. She was responsible for both the scholarship applications and the study visa applications to the UK.

A year later, she graduated with a first-class in Applied Business Computing. Due to the UK’s policy as of 2012 after graduating, she could not secure a post-graduate work permit, resulting in her going back home in Nigeria to serve and work,

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She then embarked on another journey to relocate to Canada as a graduate student. Fortunately, in 2016 she seized the opportunity to relocate to Canada as a permanent resident. Along the line, she fell in love, got married, even handled her husband’s application, and relocated as a family to Canada in 2018.

Since then, she has helped other family members and friends relocate with their families.

The key highlight for her was helping her youngest sister to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident in 2021 and helping her husband join her in less than a year. Kisha connotes great Joy and that is why Chioma essentially is delighted in witnessing people’s lives change entirely for the best. Their lives gets transformed in a way that generations will be inspired by her actions to become a licensed Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC).

Follow Kisha Immigration to know more about Chioma’s work.