Yes, women are not allowed to give birth in the village.

What happens is that when a pregnant woman is in labor, she’s taken out of the village and allowed to return only after the child is born.

A pregnant woman spoke to the BBC, asking that the practice be abolished.

Watch the documentary below:

Credit: Bella Naija

Lately, I have been very intrigued by how urbanization and the vast development we all are witnessing affect our mental health. I know that urbanization has some positive impacts but some of the impacts of this development come with negative effects like unemployment, immigration, change of family dynamic, crime, increased stress, poor social network etc.


Lolo Cynthia Is a public health specialist, sexuality educator and founder of the social enterprise LoloTalks, that employs all forms of media (online and offline) to create awareness and sustainable solutions to our contemporary social and health issues in Africa.  She also doubles as a documentary and talk show producer and lends her voice on issues regarding interpersonal relationships, sexuality, gender, and social issues through her YouTube channel LoloTalks and her blog.