First of all, if you had enough fun this season and you are puffed that your favourite housemate won the grand prize, then congratulations (and have it in mind that you owe us a bottle of champagne!)

But if you are one of those who kept badmouthing the Big Brother show and continuously bashed the viewers and voters, then we need to have a conversation on what exactly is your problem – because this problem is way beyond this show.

Now, let’s get serious.

During the period of the Big Brother Naija show, arguments broke out as to why Nigerian youths love focusing and investing (emotionally and financially) on the wrong things, especially when the country is plagued with misfortunes; poverty, insurgency, SARS, kidnappings and so many more. It is believed that Nigerian youths are not serious in tackling situations that pose a threat to their future, and would rather spend time on mundane and irrelevant shows.

Now, while we might agree with the fact that Nigerian youths need to do better in terms of contributing to the political and economic state of the country, we disagree with the belief that reality shows like Big Brother Naija are a distraction to the average youth. We’ll talk about that, later!

You see, in today’s world, humans feel the need to tell people what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Inasmuch as this might not be wrong, it is quite worrisome that people are increasingly getting gripped with the need to control others and ensure that they bend to their will. You see it every time. During Halloween, you’ll see a group of people constantly reminding Nigerians who celebrate Halloween that it is demonic. During Hallelujah Challenge, there’s a group of people who will continue to rain on the parade of Challengers about how singing and praising on Instagram does not fix any of Nigeria’s problems.

We know. They know. So, just let people enjoy things.

Listen, there are currently 7.7 billion people living in the world; unique, different and diverse, so it is unrealistic – almost to the point of self-delusion to believe that everyone should be like you. Love the things that you love or hate the things you hate.

Living in a society with so much diversity (and more diversities to come since everyone is introducing something new), it is important for you to be open-minded and tolerant of certain decisions made by people, especially if these choices and actions do not hurt or threaten you in any way.

Nigerians are going through so much; we live in a country with epileptic power supply, no jobs, low-paying jobs, carry laptop and SARS will catch you, travel from Kaduna to Abuja and kidnappers will hold you and request 50million naira ransom. We’re dealing with xenophobia, terrible roads, data wahala. The list is endless. If Nigerians want to have a little fun, where they are not harming anybody, they should be allowed to exercise the free will to determine what constitutes fun to them and decide on how they want to have fun.

Have you noticed that the average Nigerian on the street is always angry? The degeneration of our economy is biting hard into the flesh of the people and if you mistakenly say anything weypass your mouth, boys will ‘arrange’ you sharp sharp. There is so much stress placed on the youths and so much anger and tension in the air that the idea of unwinding is no longer a want, but a need – an acute need for that matter. That guy who you chastised for watching too much TV might be battling depression and needs a coping mechanism. You should let people enjoy things and stop ‘tighting everything to your chest’ all the time!

Again, humans are naturally given the gift of multi-tasking. We can talk about the economic state of the nation and still watch Big Brother Naija at the same time. We can go all red for Valentine and still talk about gender inequality, celebrate Halloween and Christmas as we please. People can hold a rally for their favourite housemate and still protest against sexual assault too. There are no proven statistics or research that indicate that Nigerian youths watching reality TV shows is affecting the economy, so there is no need to tag people who have fun as ‘unserious’ and make it sound like they are the cause of our economic woes.

You’re not the party type? Cool, let others enjoy their parties in peace. You find Amala to be irritating? Biko let the rest of us eat our food without having to worry about what you think. Being serious-minded or not liking certain things does not automatically place you above other people.

If you find yourself constantly complaining about people having “too much” fun or grumbling about the way people choose to have fun, or if you’re one of those people who write “it will end in tears” when a lady shows off her man or her engagement ring, you need to check yourself fast before you become a witch.

You need to learn, unlearn and relearn. Cleanse your thought-process, be more open-minded and accommodative of people’s beliefs. Breathe and let others breathe too. Don’t be the enemy that pours sand into people’s garri.

Let people have their fun, and learn to loosen up too, life is not that hard.

Peace and love.




Culled from Bella Naija

Ex Big Brother Star, Bamike Olawunmi, popularly known as  “Bambam”, has become the brand ambassador for Nigeria’s first wristwatch brand, Micserah.

Nigeria’s pioneer premium wristwatch brand Micserah has announced their new relationship with the fast-rising actress as she sets to represent the brand globally.

The news was announced by Adekunle Adeniji, Micserah, the founder and CEO who said:

“We’re thrilled to welcome Reality TV star Bambam to the Micserah family; she is the perfect fit for the brand, as she has proved to being an iconic pacesetter in her field. The Bambam watch collection is an exciting moment as the brand rapidly grows and enters new markets across Africa”.

Celebrating Bambam’s new endorsement, the brand will release A 300 piece of limited edition watch collection “Bambam Luna” which is inspired by the Luna concept of the goddess of the moon, a leader and a bright light resonating with Bambam’s personality.

The watch is packed full of Bambam-specific details from strap color variants, case dials, faces and an iconic print of Bambam’s signature on the watch back making this the first of its kind.

Big Brother Naija Double Wahala housemate, CeeC Nwadiora has added another endorsement deal to her already growing list and this time, it’s with sports betting brand, NairaBET.

The sports betting platform took to their social media platform to unveil their latest ambassadorial addition alongside pictures from the contract signing event.

CeeC also confirmed the endorsement deal with a post shared on her Instagram page with caption;

The most powerful thing you can do right now is to be patient while things are unfolding for you. Another one in the bag, I love my new family!! Thanks @officialnairabet , looking forward to an amazing relationship.