Nicole Lynn bet on herself, and it is paying off tenfold. She is set to become the first Black female agent to represent a quarterback in the Super Bowl.

Lynn represents Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts, who is gearing up to play the Kansas City Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes II on Feb. 12.

The opportunity wasn’t handed to her. Instead, Lynn took a chance by sending a direct message to Hurts.

Opportunity Meets Preparation

“Hey, have you picked an agent? If not, I’d love to link,” Lynn wrote on Instagram, according to Sports Illustrated.

Hurts, who had not yet hired a sports agent, felt strongly that Lynn would be the right choice to step into that role due to her determination and her impressive work history.

While considering the idea, Hurts was presented with concerns by those who questioned women’s success in the heavily male-dominated industry. Yet, none of that wavered his decision.

“I know the agent world in the NFL, and all sports, is very male-dominated,” Hurts explained to Sports Illustrated. “But Nicole was really on top of her stuff. She was prepared. She knew what she was talking about. She was hungry. And she was determined. And I feel that determination like that never rests. Once you come across such a determined individual, that just hits me a little different.”

Nicole Lynn

Work History

Lynn’s accomplishments in the sports world also include becoming the first female agent to represent NFL agency PlayersRep, which was later acquired by Lil Wayne’s Young Money APAA Sports Agency, in 2015.

What’s more, she was just 26-years-old when she signed her first client.

By 2021, Lynn had positioned herself as Klutch Sports Group’s President of Football Operations. She now represents over a dozen athletes, per Insider.

“Any time someone thinks of an agent, they’re gonna think of me,” Lynn said, according to NBC News. “The first person that’s gonna come to their mind is a Black woman. I’m the Jerry Maguire — that is who I am.”

Nicole Lynn
Agent Nicole Lynn

Nicole Lynn’s Determination

In an interview with Sports Illustrated in 2022, Hurts stated, “I’ve put a lot of trust and faith in a female-driven team, I have a team of straight hustlers. … They get things done. And that’s how I am on the field and off the field. We’re all trying to accomplish something.”

She’s the first but she won’t be the last. Congratulations, Nicole Lynn!

We celebrate you

Photo credit: Nicole Lynn (Instagram)

Adeola Shasanya, is the co-founder of Afro-Tech Girls, an organisation with the aim of inspiring and encouraging more girls and young women to embrace STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

Across the world, women remain underrepresented in STEM fields and this is especially true in Nigeria and so many African countries. In June 2014, Adeola and two of her friends came together with a vision: a world where the number of women in the STEM industries has risen and women feel welcomed and appreciated for their efforts and achievements. They realised that one way to do this was by encouraging more young girls to take up STEM subjects at secondary school and university and stick with it even after education. That was how Afro-Tech Girls was born.

Afro-Tech Girls holds STEM events across the country for secondary school students as well as supply “STEM at home” kits to women and girls.

Growing up, Adeola was always found tinkering with gadgets attempting to fix them. She also loved watching science/tech themed cartoons. In school, she particularly enjoyed science and math and did very well in them. Leaving secondary school, she got mentored by a senior family friend who had just completed her degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering. After winning the student prize award in Applied electricity, she had the desire to further my knowledge by studying Electrical and Electronics Engineering which enabled her appreciate technology.

Adeola has gained work experience in project management and consulting in both engineering and technology. She’s currently the Project Manager, Digital Skills for Africa at Google.

Adeola’s engineering degree is from Covenant University, Nigeria, and she also has a masters degree in Renewable Energy and Clean Technology from the University of Manchester.

Adeola is one of the 50 women spotlighted in Tech Cabal’s Tech Women Lagos series profiling 50 women in the Lagos technology ecosystem from different backgrounds and at different stages of their technology careers.

In 2019, Adeola won an ELOY award for her contribution to ICT and Technology. In 2017, Afro-Tech Girls won the SME 100 Nigeria, 25 under 25 Young Entrepreneurs Award in the Technology and Cybersecurity category.

We celebrate Adeola for contributing her quota to making STEM education accessible to women and girls and we’re rooting for her.