Like most years, this year is already racing with full speed as the first month comes to a close.

At the beginning of each year or towards the end of the previous year, we make plans for the new year and set goals of what we want to achieve. A couple of years ago, after setting and not achieving my goals, I quit setting goals!

I decided to just focus on the moment, visualize what I want and go with the flow. That worked well for sometime as I did not feel like I was in competition with anyone and I was able to listen to my instincts. The problem with this approach was that I spent more time visualizing and creating my vision board than actually taking action!

That’s when I knew that there had to be a balance and I made up my mind to find it.

Fast forward a few years later, working with our clients at Tale Alimi Global, we usually start the year setting our intentions for the year we want and creating corresponding goals.  As we work with clients, I have observed that some people are better at articulating their goals than others. However some people are only able to articulate averagely, but once they had clarity, they did a good job executing.

Our most successful clients are ‘doers’, they massively execute on the strategy we develop and achieve great results. I am big on strategic thinking and planning, but from my experience, I have to say that an average strategy with massive execution trumps a great strategy with poor execution.

If you are a planner and visualizer like me, its time to start doing more! And I have themed this year, ‘My year of doing’ because it reminds me of Shonda Rhimes ‘Year of yes’ and because I spent the last year exploring and visualizing.

To encourage us(yes we are in this together) to do more, I came up with five reasons why we should execute more this year.

The more you do, the more you know how to do

The sickness of planners is trying to create ‘perfection’. You want to spend all the time looking at various options, doing scenario planning and projecting outcomes. However, all this is theory until you start doing! I spent almost six months agonizing over the title and content of my next book. I will go on long runs, get inspiration about titles and a few days later I would begin to doubt its relevance. After going round in circle for too long, I put my foot down in October and decided to start writing. Surprisingly, the more I wrote, the more I had a better sense of direction.

So stop agonizing and trying to get things perfect and watch the months fly by, start doing and more clarity and ideas would come to you.

Execution is a cure for self doubt.

Another curse of perfectionists is self doubt. You never feel good enough to do what you know in your heart you are meant to do. Or you tell yourself you don’t have the resources or the time to do it. I was speaking to my team member some weeks ago about leading a segment at our year end event. I noticed she was hesitating and when I asked her why, she said she did not think she was qualified to stand before the calibre of people we were expecting. I immediately debunked her self doubt and told her about my mentor in my Social impact fellowship in the US who was a decade younger than me.

I told her to just do it and she did a great job that created a positive atmosphere at the event. When you begin to doubt yourself , don’t dwell on it, get up and execute. The more you execute on something, your self doubt disappears and you become more confident in your self.

When you execute, you make your own luck.

How many times have you looked at people and thought how lucky they are? Most times the so called ‘lucky’ people are busy executing on something. If you have been waiting for a lucky break and it doesn’t seem to be coming, maybe it is time to get up and execute so you can make your own luck. Yesterday, I saw a news headline that Kim Kardashian was expecting another baby, I decide to ‘keep up with the Kardashians’ as I hardly watch Television so I am not up to date about them. As I read the news, I realized that they were always busy doing something! From having new babies to starting beauty companies. They were making their own luck by executing.

This is the year to make your own luck. If you want to create a multimillion business, start grinding.

Execution builds your focus.

You need focus to execute. When you decide to execute, you cut out distractions. When I decided to start writing my new book, I started blocking out time and cutting out things that might distract me like excessive social media watching the lives of other people who were executing!

Execution is what brings dreams to life.

My favorite past time is imagining and day dreaming. My imagination has 3D capacity! I like to see things in my mind first because I believe creativity starts internally before it manifests externally. However after you are done dreaming, you have to take some action to see the dream come to life. If you have been seeing yourself as a millionaire in your dreams, or married to the person of your dreams, then make it a reality by taking action to bring your dreams to life.

Now that I have themed this  ‘Our year of doing’, I am determined to lead by example. Some of the things I will be doing includes finishing up my new book before the end of Q1 and I am co-founding a new Company to address the milestone funding challenges that a lot of small businesses face.

If you are a small business that has had funding challenges, please fill this survey to help us understand your needs better. And if you have an interest in investing in small businesses , please fill this survey, so we will also understand your requirements.

I want us to hold ourselves accountable to our year of doing, so lets connect on Instagram so that as I share my progress, you can also share yours with me. Lets start doing!

All the 365 days of 2018 was a pretty eventful year for me and I’m sure for a lot of people out there. There were the joyous moments, the sad memories, the pretty memorable times and of course the life changing events. Cumulatively, it had it’s lessons and ones we’d be sure to take note of in the never ending quest to becoming better versions of ourselves

Whilst 2018 had a lot of self evaluation lessons in it, these are a few that are definitely worth working with into the new year:

1: Be kind to yourself:

It’s no big secret that the country economy is tough and there are just about enough reasons to worry and beat yourself up over about each day. But, in the midst of all those thoughts and moves towards a better life, never forget to talk to yourself kindly . The world will still be there, even when you’re gone so why not relax a little after a long day, take time off work on the weekends and just enjoy the little things of life, you might just be surprised just how refreshing that would prove to be.

2: Be Expressive yet assertive:

2018 taught me just how much differently people can interpret what we say from what we actually mean. Yes, in the long run, you can’t control how people perceive and interpret your energy but one thing you can do however, is be very clear about your intentions. It saves everyone a lot of stress trying to decipher what you mean exactly at the end and that’s certainly what we want 2019 to be, stress-free.

3: Act and think positively:

A saying goes thus, “ the world will throw stones at you, it is your choice what you make of the stones, a wall against your self or build a bridge to your dreams”. I’d say I’d take the bridge, build an overpass and add an intersection to the whole lot. For every negative thought that crosses your mind, we always have a choice to dwell on it or banish it from us and look onwards with positivity, cause it can only get better this 2019!

4: Find and fuel your passion:

2018 was an enlightening year for me. I got to find out what really mattered and phased out gradually what didn’t. A passion is definitely something you’d want to find and keep doing. It gives life a purpose, it doesn’t necessarily have to be money oriented at the moment, just basically something that lights up your soul and gives you a sense of achievement.

5: Break that routine:

A routine makes life mundane and boring. When done over a long time, it limits one’s thoughts and creates this monotonous outlook on life. Once in a while, take out time to reach out to loved ones, take that trip to that wildlife conservatory you’ve always wanted to see, go see the movies or just enjoy your own company.

Finally, friends are a basic necessity of life, great friends add quality to life, trust me. Make friends that hold you accountable, and push you towards becoming the best you can be.Let’s do better this year!

Happy new year lovelies!.


About Jane

21 year old Udoka Jane O is a trained  Engineer, She is  a professional freelance writer on Relationship and healthy lifestyles. Jane has written a number of mind engaging articles….

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“We’re not using our influence. Were very influential. As a matter of fact, there is not a popular trend that’s been started that we have not been at the heart of.”


“Always trust in yourself and your abilities. Be self-aware, because understanding yourself helps you to improve your leadership.”


“It’s important for us to stay true to ourselves. Not everyone is going to be out here [protesting] in the street but some folk may fund the movement. Not everyone is going to be the person who is going to be out front but every leader is building an organization of support.”


Stay focused enough [on your] own goals and aspirations.