104-year-old Jessie Onuigwe


Healthy life is everything. A Nigerian woman, 104-year-old Jessie Onuigwe, has shared the secret to her living that long.

In an interview with BBC, the Nigerian said that farming is her secret to long life, adding that the reason for young people’s shaky health is that they engage in unhealthy lifestyle like smoking, and drinking alcohol. She said that young people are lazy, and do not farm. The 104-year-old who hails from Anambra said that she also extracts palm oil from palm kernel.

She said she went into farming because she believes it is beautiful venture.

“If you don’t have money to do business, you can venture into farming. Agriculture helps to fight climate change, which is destructive. “What has helped me live long is eating my native food, and believing in Jesus. Your body becomes stronger when you farm,” she said.

The old woman, who also has four children and 124 grandchildren, said that she used profits from her farming to feed her family. Onuigwe said that farming helps her to combat issues like global warming. The centurion said that farming is a good alternative for anyone who lacks capital to venture into business.