“Think like a man” is one of the most common statement women utter while trying to show they are strong.

In the new edition of her Soldiers In Red Lipstick vlog, Nollywood actress Stella Damasus explains why she does not agree with the statement.

“Why would you say to me, a fully grown woman, that for me to be successful, I have to think like a man,” she asks.

She said,

You have to be clear what you mean by think like a man because when you say stuffs like think like a man and you don’t explain it, people will take it that you are born a woman, you go through what you go through in life but at the end of the day, your major goal to be successful is for you to think like a man.

So if you say you want to be equals with a man and in the same breadth, you are saying as a woman, you should think like a man, it means you are admitting and saying that the man is more intelligent, the man is the one that has what it takes to be successful, the one that can run a business……

No, I refuse to accept that. And that is the reason why most of us women don’t that we are strong enough, smart enough, good enough and  intelligent enough.

I will not raise my daughters to think like a man.


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