Whenever you find yourself in a fearful situation, do not fret, do not be quiet, have an answer for it by taking the right actions

Fear is the deadliest emotion anyone can experience. This negative emotion does not only cripple people from taking meaningful steps to better their lives, but it also hinders them from enjoying the best things in life. Fear is clearly a distraction from living your purpose on earth. It is a great killer, by this I mean killer of dreams. 

But how does fear come?
Fear comes in different ways. This can be either through an external source or from internal sources. Below is a list of how fear comes:

Have you ever noticed that it is so easy for people to not believe in you, your dreams and your goals? Simply put, it is easier for them to discourage than to encourage one. Many times, what people communicate to us is what actually puts fear in us, and interestingly, they seldom know when they are doing this. It might just be out of sheer concern. And if we continue paying attention to what these people say and do to us, we might never have the courage to achieve our goals.

Fear comes also from the kind of people we surround ourselves with. Some people only know how to communicate impossibility. They will find every means to discourage you, instill fear in you, because what you are attempting to do is something they have never done before. They believe: Why attempt to fly like an eagle when you can join them to walk on feet?

Your Inner Self
Another way fear can come is from us ourselves. This is how it happens:

When you have an idea on how to better humanity, fear comes in subtle ways and tells you why you should never take a step on that idea. And the more you gave in to this emotion, the more you get demoralized achieving it.

Past Experiences
Fear can also be an offshoot from past experience. Many times, people do not set all out to be afraid of things, but tracing back to past disappointments and failures, this terrible emotion can come into play.

Having highlighted some ways through which fear can come, the list below provides simple ways through which you can deal with fear:

Dissociate from Pessimistic People
One very useful thing to regularly do is to evaluate the people in your life and identify the roles they play. Some people are cheerleaders, others are energy drainers. The honest truth is that you don’t need everybody on your team, neither do you need everybody to believe in you. Some people don’t just see things the way you do. Stop dragging along people who drain your energy with doubts and fear. Some people just won’t get it.

Surround Yourself with Go-getters
You know the saying: Show me your friend and I will tell you who you are. Well, here is an addition to it: Show me your friend and I will tell you the direction at which your life is headed.

If you want to practically deal with fear all day, you need to surround yourself with “ready to do” changemakers. This issue of surrounding yourself with positive people is non-negotiable. You need people around you who are not afraid to dare the status quo to do the impossible.

Believe in Yourself
You know why most people never get ahead in life? They do not have that self-belief in themselves or their vision. Having self-belief is the fundamental trust you need to achieve anything in life. The next time you want to achieve a goal:

  • You need to believe it can be done.
  • Afterwards, believe it will be done.
  • And then, believe it will be done by you.

Let go of the Past
The past will forever remain the past, and you should never allow it deter you from reaching into the future. There is always so much more you can achieve, so much that you can do with your life, skills and energy. The fact that you made a mistake in the past should not stop you from reaching out for more things. Simply look away from the past and look forward.

Take Actions
There is no better way of dealing with fear than taking action. Get past the ideation phase, where it feels like that which you want to achieve may not possible. Start by taking a step on that idea, even if it’s just baby steps. Continue taking action even when you feel like giving up, and in no time, you would have moved past all the negative fearful emotions.

In conclusion, always remember that fear comes to everyone at some point or the other in life. But the way we respond to this emotion is what will count in the long run. Whenever you find yourself in a fearful situation, do not fret, do not be quiet, have an answer for it by taking the right actions.

Credit: Bella Naija

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