Just Omomo Ibe  is a business strategist and a work life balance expert. She help individuals especially women  identify the various opportunities in their business to make more profit and create a balance between their work and personal life, so they can chase their dreams and make money while at it. The business coach  who is also a banker is living her dreams despite been an employee. The young catalyst is living solely on the principle of defying the norm to achieve extraordinary results. She talks about her passion and work life balance in this educative interview.

Not so rosy Childhood

I had a bitter sweet experience, growing up for me taught me so many things about contentment, resilience, hard work and focus. As kids we grew everything we ate, when other kids were having fun we would go to the farm,in all these periods my parents always taught us the importance of living in your lane. I wanted all the great things of life, great shoes, nice school bags and toys etc.

Since we couldn’t afford them financially I found succour in the fact that I was excelling academically and that when i grow up i would buy myself everything I desired. So yes having to be a contributor to the family prepared me to be able to add value in every area I find myself.


Who is Just Omomo Ibe?

Just Omomo Ibe, is married to my high school sweetheart and yes we have two beautiful children. My greatest joy in life is being able to nurture children and instil values in them. My desire to nurture lead me to start teaching women how to live the life of their dreams irrespective of their schedules. I love been around women who build others up because it’s in doing so that you can truly grow.

Being a Business Coach

As a business strategist I help businesses  bridge the gap between potential and performance, simply put I help you identify the various opportunities for growth and profit. No matter how well your business is doing there are so many areas you haven’t tapped that would help you operate at the optimum and of course more profit.

What we do is to analyse your business and draw out a visible growth plan.

As a work life balance expert i help you deconstruct your otherwise busy schedule and teach you to integrate all aspects perfectly so you can chase your God given dreams and make money while at it.

My Inspiration

My number one inspiration is President Barack Obama, I love the way he commands the stage when he speaks, he further explains the importance of just allowing your talents pave way for you.

I can almost say he spoke his way to the WHITE HOUSE.

Then Oprah Winfery. I also have a talk show that is aired on you tube, and Oprah has taught me that you can truly change lives by sharing knowledge from experts around the world with people.

In other words if you have access to an important person that can add value to your audience, by all means let them share from their wealth of knowledge. Be a blessing to the world and you would be blessed in return.


This for me is a journey of purpose. Speaking and teaching gives me joy, most rewarding is when people are blessed by your message or the value you bring to the table.


Your voice is unique, it doesn’t matter your educational background or your qualification. If you have a message there is someone out there that needs to hear it to survive and your job is to go out there, find those people and speak to them. Once you do the rewards are priceless.


Truly it can be challenging to juggle your role as a wife, mother especially when you have toddlers and then a career.

You need to pray to God for a loving and supporting spouse because you may not be able to do it alone without breaking down.

You must also be weary of distractions, in your pursuit of your dreams,  everything may seem like the real thing but prayerfully seek Gods face for directions both in business relationships, the choice of a mentor and the right application of your ideas.

I have seen a lot of women start well and end badly because of poor judgement and bad associations.


Other Projects

Recently I wrote a book “RULE AS A BOSS,ROCK AS A MUM,SLAY AS A WIFE”, the book is actually a step by step guide to creating a work life balance for women to enable them chase their dreams and make money while at it. see below link to the book.  https://okadabooks.com/publication/my-publication

We also created a ROCK, RULE,SLAY CONFERENCE and we are starting the 1st edition in Abuja Nigeria by august. The Just Ibe Show also has room for partnerships and sponsorship including adverts for start-ups.


Positivity overcomes any Challenge

In chasing your dreams most times you would have to spend your own money to finance it until you can start making returns. When i first launched the show it was costing me so much and bringing in little. It was very frustrating, than i met a lady who reassured me that it would only get better, that is why I always stress the need to surround yourself with positive people


Are Nigerian Women Business Oriented?


Nigerian women are great business women, look around you everything we thought was impossible women have made it possible. Pap is now been exported, moi moi, pounded yam, fufu, amala, stockfish, ugu leaves, the list is endless.

Nigerian women are revolutionizing the face of entrepreneurship in Africa, just give us a mole and we would make an anthill out of it. I love my country and i love my Nigerian women..


I am a Woman of Rubies

Women of Rubies nurture people to growth, we support one another genuinely and that is my overall mantra. I live by genuinely supporting my sister.

Advice to Women

Whatever you feed your mind with would occupy your thoughts and that my friends is what would manifest in your life. So it’s pretty easy, ask yourself where do you want to be in 5 years?

What resources do you need to achieve this? Start feeding your mind with those resources and gradually your life would take that shape.

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