Fab Maven, is a movement created to help empower and uplift women. Chaya Kennedy-Burnettis the founder, a passionate volunteer and professional of women’s issue and spiritual and life coaching. After facing her own share of life challenges, she recognized the need for women to have access to a “pick me up” when one may otherwise be unavailable. A grassroots movement was kick started that is now Fab Maven,which has managed to reach women across the world from all races, genders, religions, cultures, and political backgrounds.

Women face battles, immense hardships and trauma, either in the present or from their pasts, and yet commit their lives finding opportunities to heal and move forward. “Fab Maven helps women from all backgrounds including those facing hardships and trauma from chronic illness, major loss, abuse, assault, and depression do just that by connecting through shared experiences”, wrote blacknews

Fab Maven is focused on women’s fashion and markets unique apparel and accessories with Fab Maven’s unique logo. They are committed to keeping prices low, reaching women from all walks of life. The company’s signature logo is a symbol of optimism and hope, empowering women by helping them to find their individual and collective voices.

The Fab Maven apparel and accessories are available for purchase on Amazon.com

About Fab Maven

Fab Maven is on a mission to educate, uplift, and empower women who have endured traumatic experiences, yet are striving for complete healing. By providing a safe space and judgement-free zone, resources and workshops, Fab Maven equips women with tools that promote spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Learn more at FabMaven.com


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