When we were little kids, the answer to the relentless “what do you want to be when you grow up?” question was a lot simpler: we are pretty sure everyone answered “doctor” or “lawyer” at some point or the other.

The older we got, the tougher that question became. Trying to reconcile what you enjoyed doing with what you thought you had to enjoy. This is the problem Omozino Eguh is looking to fix with Yudimy.

Yudimy is a platform designed to help students discover careers that match their potential and make smart decisions in a constantly evolving career landscape.

Using certified assessments and counsellors, Yudimy works with students and their guardians to help them discover their potential, match them with suitable career paths, create opportunities to explore these careers and make the best educational investments.

Speaking with Change For Society about what inspired her to create this platform, Omozino said:
“Many students have no idea what they want to be in life, some have an idea but don’t know what course is best to do, others make their choices based on wrong influences and misinterpretation of their abilities.

Also disturbing is that not a lot of students are exposed to a world of career possibilities beyond societal defined careers for success. Yudimy was created to solve these problems.”
You can learn more about Yudimy on their website.

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