Margaret Oguntala has shattered the glass ceiling, becoming the first woman to assume the presidency of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) in its 65-year history. Her historic inauguration marks a significant milestone for gender inclusivity in the field of engineering, breaking a long-standing tradition. Oguntala’s ascendancy to this esteemed position signifies a positive step towards greater diversity and representation within the NSE.

The journey to this groundbreaking moment faced a legal challenge towards the end of 2023 when an interlocutory injunction raised questions about Oguntala’s assumption of office. However, the legal hurdle was overcome on December 18, 2023, when Justice Venchak Gaba of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory, Kuje, Abuja, set aside the court order, paving the way for Oguntala’s inauguration.

In her reflections on assuming office, Oguntala expressed gratitude for the unwavering support she received from association members, emphasizing her commitment to service with a clear purpose. She sees her presidency as a continuous journey, not a destination.

“The journey to this office for me has been fueled by a quest to serve with a clear purpose, inspired by the unwavering support I have enjoyed from members of the association and powered by the strong conviction that service is a continuous journey, not a destination,” remarked Oguntala.

Taking over from Tasiu Gidari-Wudil, Oguntala envisions the upcoming year as a testament to shared commitment to engineering excellence, devoid of biases or encumbrances. She calls on everyone to join hands in building formidable layers on the strong foundation laid before, signaling a new era for the NSE.

In an official statement, the NSE hailed Oguntala as a trailblazer, breaking the 65-year monopoly of male engineers as president of the prestigious association. Known as the ‘Erelu Worldwide’ and regarded as the mother of modern-day engineering in Nigeria by young engineers, Oguntala has captured the collective admiration of her peers.

A stalwart within the NSE, Oguntala’s journey with the association began in 1996, culminating in achieving the status of fellow in 2010. Her extensive service record includes chairing the Ikeja branch from 2010 to 2011, participating in the National Executive Committee in 2012 and 2013, serving as vice president from 2014 to 2016, and assuming the role of deputy president from 2021 onwards.

Margaret Oguntala’s rich history and commitment to the NSE position her as a transformative leader, poised to make lasting contributions to the engineering landscape in Nigeria. We send our heartfelt congratulations to her, celebrating this momentous achievement that breaks barriers and inspires future generations.

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