As part of the efforts to mark this year’s Mothers’ day celebration, Baileys Nigeria has launched an extension of her “Love is”… campaign tagged “Why tell others when you can tell mum?”

The campaign, set to ignite the child-to-mother love and also encourage people to celebrate and express their love to their mothers more often, was carried out via a social experiment carried out in Lagos Nigeria as Baileys invited a cross section of Nigerians to express how they feel about their mothers.

According to the psychotherapist who carried out the survey, people’s inability to tell their loved ones that they love them is one of the common social issues being faced on a regular basis. Against this backdrop, the experiment was carried out with a view to help people connect more with their mothers and mother-figures by showing appreciation and love for them.

This was carried out by having mothers and children in two separate rooms where the children talk about how they feel about their mothers as well as their various unspoken confessions of love for them. This is driven at letting the mothers know that they are seen, loved and appreciated. All through the conversation, the children were ignorant of the fact that they are being transmitted live and their mothers are watching and hearing all that they are saying from another room.

Some of the emotional comments as made by the invited people include: ‘She is a very strong woman’, ‘She is hard working and loving’, ‘She is a sweet mother’, ‘She is the best mom anyone could have’ among many other loving comments being made. This undoubtedly stirred an emotional outburst as mothers shed tears of love while the children also couldn’t hold back their tears during the process of the social experiment.

Baileys is calling out to people to indulge their mothers and celebrate them using the hashtag: #PledgeToIndulgeHer.

Please find below the video link to the social experiment:

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