Women all over the world are breaking boundaries and stereotype beliefs, from banking to the  tech sector, the Covid19 pandemic has made our gender more creative, and avail them the opportunity to think outside the box. Ncumisa Mkabile didn’t just break the glass ceiling with her success story, she also broke the  chain of male dominance in the Agricultural sector in South Africa.

This amazing farmer was forced  to shutdown her African cuisine  takeaway business during the thick of the pandemic in March 2020, and she needed to think of a plan, so she started selling chicken and doing door to door deliveries.

When she started out, she was buying it from a supplier but when she saw the demand was high she started growing her own and supplying people who would also like to start their own business.

She said she drew her inspiration from her family responsibilities: “I drew my inspiration from the responsibilities I have at home, because I need to provide for my son and mother,” says Ncumisa.

The inspiring farmer shares her story in this interview

Childhood Influence

I grew up in the rural areas in the Eastern Cape Cofimvaba with both parents and 5 siblings. I grew up exposed to farming but my family were not farmers I’m the first farmer in my family and that has also inspired my mother to start farming in the Eastern Cape.

Why I Started Selling Poultry

I had responsibilities at home I had to look for a way for me to generate income again, that is how we entrepreneurs think and operate instead of looking at the problem, we find a solution to the problem and I believe if you have a strong WHY it’s impossible for you to give up because your why keeps you going.

Inspiration Behind My Farming Career

Farming is a male dominated industry so I wanted to break that chain, I wanted the youth more especially females to see that they can also make a living out of farming.

My Day To Day Activities

I wake up at 06h00 just to plan my day and go to the farm to check if everything is in order, then if I have deliveries I do those deliveries. My day usually ends at 22h00 latest.

It’s very challenging more especially when you don’t have a mentor or someone to coach you because I gather my information from the internet, because I’m a risk taker. I decided to start and told myself I’ll learn along the way. Farming is like any other job if you love what you do and are passionate, you will make it work no matter what because I believe each and every business has it’s challenges.

A More Personal Challenge Currently
I don’t have an irrigation system I’m using watering cans.
Not having enough land to produce as much as I would like to produce to meet the demand of the community.
Not having transport to do deliveries

My Advice To Any Woman Looking To Start This Role?
Start small with what you have and gradually grow. Don’t wait on the government to fund but give the government something to work with.

One Woman Who Inspires Me To Be Better And Why?
Nomzamo Mbata.
Nomzamo is a risk taker, she goes after what she wants, and doesn’t limit herself. She’s showing every child that it is possible to reach your goals she’s just taking up space and living no stone unturned.

As a Woman of Rubies
What makes me a Woman of Rubies is the fact that I’m breaking generational curses, I’m showing the Youth in my community that it is possible and we are capable.


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