Nigerian Activist Lolo Ihesie has revealed she recently discovered she was circumcised as a child and that makes her feel violated and hurt.

Her mother disclosed to her about being circumcised after she saw her teaching her younger sister about Female Genital Mutilation(FGM) and its implications.

According to her mother, every woman  in their family was subjected to female genital.

Lolo Ihesie added that despite being circumcised and not having a clitoris head , she has been able to play around it to find her G spot.

She advised ladies to ask their mother about being circumcised or visit a gynaecologist to find out.

Posting a photo of herself ,she wrote on Instagram;

“At 3 months old, my family cut out my clitoral head (FGM1) because they didn’t want me to grow up to be promiscuous.

This was never disclosed to me till I was an adult whilst I was educating my younger sisters about FGM and its implications.

Naturally, I am curious about my body and I teach about sex and pleasure – I noticed that I didn’t have a clitoral head but never wanted to believe that it was due to FGM
I assumed I just didn’t have a thick clitoral tissue even though direct stimulus to the clit hurts and I need to work around the clitoris to find my pleasure spot since the external tissue where most of the pleasure spot is located was cut.

I feel violated and incredibly hurt by this discovery but at the end –  It has given me insight as to why I am where I am and why my message about violation against women is important to me.

I am an igbo girl and this is common in igbo land.

My mother said it was done to every girl she knows including her-  mothers did it to their daughters.. some still do.

I encourage you to speak to your mothers and ask if they cut you or go to a gynecologist to inquire.

I share this because I need other young girls to see that FGM does not define us or our sexuality.
We deserve pleasure!
You can work with your body to learn what gives you that pleasure no matter what! ”


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