There has always been a stereotype that black people (specifically Africans) don’t like to travel – but thankfully, with the increase in income and education, the rise of social media, and a generation of tech-savvy millennials, all that’s definitely changing.

One of the people promoting travel culture among black people – specifically young Africans – is Sikemi Ifederu with her company, Tambollo.

Originally created as a travel blog for Sikemi to share her experiences from around the world, Tambollo has morphed into a travel company with the aim of inspiring young Africans to travel more and immerse themselves in new cultures – through personalized trips and travel testimonials.

Speaking on her website about the platform and why she created it, Sikemi said:

“Tambollo is a platform where travellers like myself can share their experiences [and book trips].

It is also to encourage young people to travel more, learn about the world, meet people that will challenge them and in the process learn more about themselves.”

Sikemi’s ultimate goal is to expose and encourage people to appreciate the various cultures and destinations around the world rather than limiting themselves to the familiar.




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