Everyone who has an inner circle of friends knows exactly how amazing it could be to belong to a tight-knit group that’s bonded by everything except blood.

You share memories, interests, laughs, history, lows, highs, successes, defeats and your life could literally be moving in the same speed.

Y’all are graduating around the same time frame, making career moves, dating, falling in love, marrying, going through life’s motions at the same pace…

…Or not.

Sometimes, there’s that one person who’s moving in all other aspects except when it comes to love and relationships. If you’re that person in your own circle of friends, this must be how it feels, right?

1.  Pressure to get a boo

Knowingly or unknowingly, lowkey or highkey, the pressure to date and get a partner will start to mount on you. It’s either your friends are doing it with their comments made as jokes, or you internalise the fact that you are the only single person and start to pressure yourself to get involved with someone/marry.

2. They’ll try to match you with people

One sure thing to expect is that even when you are clear that you are not interested in dating or getting emotional with anyone, one or more of the people in your circle of friends will try to match you with a man or woman who they think will be good for you.

3.    Some may say awkward things

There is also the possibility that the jokes and the ribbing you’ll be getting from your friends for being single will start to rub you in a wrong way. Some of the jokes may be carried too far, or may just start to annoy you as they get repeated over and over again.

4.   Hanging out with them may not be so easy anymore

Every one of them likely has family commitments now. If they are not married, they’ll likely have a date with their partner and you would not want to be the third wheel joining in on those dates.

That’s one more dilemma to deal with when you are the last single person in your circle of friends.

5.   Some may intentionally stop being friends with you

In a situation where you are the last single person in your group of friends, don’t be surprised if some of them begin to avoid you because they feel you no longer belong together, or due to fear that you would snatch their partner.



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