The best way to deal with challenges is to not just keep fighting until you win, but also to help others who may be going through something similar win.

Abimbola is a sickle cell warrior who’s helping other warriors fight and win.

She’s the founder and coordinator of WarriorStory Initiative, a non profit community of people living with sickle cell diseases.

The platform provides education, counselling and advocacy for sickle cell health. The community shares stories of warriors with the aim of inspiring others.

It’s also begun a monthly sickle cell clinic where it brings together varying consultants who have specialties in caring for SCD patients.

The aim of this initiative is for sickle cell patients to have access to affordable, fast and reliable monthly check ups and first aid care.

It’s providing the service for free for the first three months, after which patients can attend by paying a token as monthly subscription to access care.

Worried about the shortcomings in Nigeria’s healthcare system, Abimbola, who holds a post graduate diploma in Biomedical Engineering, decided to fix a part of it.

Nigeria needs to do a lot technology-wise to be able to care for patients, and Abimbola is helping to achieve this. She founded Toyo Meditechs.

Toyo Meditechs provides sales, installation, maintenance, repairs, and training in the use of medical devices and equipment.

We celebrate Abimbola for devoting her life to solving problems and helping warriors win. We’re rooting for her!

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