Back in the days when our women were stewards of strict morals and child bearing was a feat restricted for celebration by married women but to our new and civilized era when we celebrate immorality over morality and nonsense over sense, the divine institution of marriage is not regarded and childbirth is now for every Jane,Chioma and Amina with or without the Mrs title.
Childbearing outside wedlock now has a title called BABYMAMA and it comes with a paycheck and other dividends hence the reason why there is a rise in the number of single women who willingly and proudly accepts this title.
Who knows what goes on in the mind of a babymama?
Is it regrets or joy? Is it hope or despair? Is it satisfaction or yearnings untold? Is it another baby drama or a happily ever after marriage? Who knows but whatever goes on in their minds, I want our babymamas to know that your child’s interest should be paramount not your greed for money or a car. Everything does not have to be YOU alone but that baby that you decided to birth with or without counting the cost.
Save these babies the dramas attached to them, they are innocent and should not be made to pay a dear prize for a path you choose to tow. If there are issues arising before or after pregnancy, solve it without including your baby or don’t you know years from now kids or spouses will use the internet to do a background check on that child. Do you want him or her to grow with low self-esteem? Or probably see you as a failed mother?
Make right choices worthy of the calling to motherhood, spend wisely, get a good means of survival (biz,skill or a job), learn from your wrongs and avoid making the mistake over again AND give your child a good moral training.
Thanks for not choosing the abortion option.
You’re loved expressly,
With Love,

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