Jennifer McLeggan, a single mom and registered nurse, has been facing harassment and threats from her neighbors since she moved into her home in Valley Stream on Long Island in New York. She says she has done everything in her power to be a good neighbor and believes she has been targeted because she is Black.

McLeggan has taken video of a man throwing feces and dead squirrels into her yard, and she says that he threatened her, saying she can “be erased,” according to ABC 7She has put up a detailed sign that covers her entire front door and details the harassment in case anything should happen to her.

“My neighbors have been racially harassing me since I purchased my home,” the sign reads. After detailing the things they’ve done, like wandering around in her yard with guns, spitting on her property, and threatening to “get rid” of her and her cameras, McLeggan writes, “The police have said I need to be harmed for them to make an arrest. I live in FEAR for my life at home.”

McLeggan has lived in the home for over two years. Since the beginning, her white neighbors have made it clear to her that she is not welcome in the neighborhood. She admits the property was in “bad shape” when she bought it, but she’s worked hard to clean it up and keep it clean.

But she kept noticing dog feces and ticket ordinances on her property. So, she installed a camera. “I caught my neighbor throwing dog feces in front of my property,” she said. “I took that video to court, and I won a judgment.”

But the harassment hasn’t stopped. So she made the sign in front of her house, and her other neighbors have gathered around her to make sure she isn’t driven out of the neighborhood.

“In case something happens to me here, then somebody would know I’m in the house with a baby,” she said. “If I die in here, at least cops would see the sign.”

Although some neighbors have rallied around her, the police haven’t been able to do much. To make sure McLeggan’s voice is heard and her mistreatment doesn’t go unnoticed, there’s now an Instagram account, @standwithjennifer, to document what’s going on and organize in order to keep her safe.

There  was a peaceful protest scheduled in Valley Stream for Thursday, July 16 in support of Jennifer McLeggan and others like her. Erica Coreas said she was also harassed when she first moved to the neighborhood, though not to the same extent.

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran said in a statement, “Nassau County will not tolerate any resident being harassed or intimidated because of who they are or what they look like. We take these allegations seriously, and Nassau County PD is conducting a thorough investigation into the matter.”

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