Business seems to be the real deal these days. Almost every one you come in contact with owns a business – from clothes to food, to agriculture, to cosmetics. Everyone wants to get their hands into something. Social media, has in recent times, become a tool for sales; but, while some people use it to its fullest advantage, others haven’t gotten the hang of it yet.

As an entrepreneur/business owner, you have to realise that you aren’t the only marketer in town. There are a billion others out there, so how you make your brand different and drive clients your way should be considered. Asides sellers on social media, there are business owners who have shops, easily accessible ones that one can walk into and buy stuff, so the question is: why should I trust my money into the hands of a stranger? Especially when I do not know the quality of goods I’ll be getting, or if the individual is a fraud.

Today, I’ll be discussing some errors which really dents businesses. You wonder why you aren’t making as much sales as you like? Then maybe your answer might be here.

Error #1: Your Instagram page is PRIVATE!
A while ago, a friend of mine posted a picture and gave credit to an online store for making her dress. I liked the dress and was interested in making one too, so I clicked on the tagged name only for me to see that the page was private. This doesn’t in anyway show seriousness as a business owner. Your page should only be private when everything on your page is about your personal life and not business. But telling a potential client that they have to follow your page before they can do business with you just doesn’t cut it. Let them follow you if they find your services faultless. Dear business owner, leave your page accessible to potential customers.

Error #2: You have the “No DMS, No messages, just calls!” on your bio
This is another error business owners on social media make. If you really love sales, I think you would open up every avenue for your clients to reach you and your services. What makes your business so special that you can’t be “DMd?” Why can’t you receive WhatsApp messages regarding details of your business? Please always put your customers first.

Error #3: Replying messages/inquires late
Business requires time and commitment and if you aren’t ready to put that into yours, then maybe business isn’t for you. I remember when I started my business, I needed carrier bags which would have my logo on it to be used in delivering my goods. I searched the ‘gram and found a few Instagram pages which were into that. I called, messaged almost ten people, but I either did not get a feedback or I was told my call would be returned. One person actually returned my call two days later and called me so many times over the next week, I was forced to block the line. If you cannot reply messages or answer calls immediately, please do as soon as possible and apologise for any inconveniences first. This shows you are a person of integrity and your business can be trusted.

Error #4: Posting poorly taken photos
This one can be an instant turn off. Most people who buy things on social media do so because they fell in love with the images posted. As a business owner who wants more sale, pay particular attention to the quality of your pictures. I do not think that I will purchase anything from a store whose pictures are taken in poorly lit places and on dirty platforms. Excellent picture quality says a lot about you and your business. They help to catch the attention of potential buyers. It is now left to you to retain this interest and ensure they close the deal.

Error #5: Not replying comments under the post
Several times, I see comments like “how do I get this? How do I order? Where are you based?” under posts and the strange thing is that these comments get no replies. Yes, I’m the first to admit that some customers can be exasperating. They want the same thing said over and over again, but that’s why as a business owner, you cannot excel without great patience skills. Ensure you reply comments underneath your posts. This shows that you have your customers in mind and that you are passionate about your business.

If you liked reading this, then look out for the next part. Till then, keep at it and sooner than you think, the world will tell your success story!


Ayo Al

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