Abena Safo Kantanka is among the few successful graduates who have made careers in farming. The Ghanian female farmer started her career while in the university.

She is the daughter of agriculturalist, preacher, inventor and innovator Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka.

After graduating from senior high school with WASSCE certification in Agricultural Science, Abena went on to pursue her bachelor’s degree in Development Communication at AUCC.

Although coming from one of the least developed countries, Abena began farming while in the university with goats and just a sheep in Damango and an acre of maize farm. She had support system since coming from a family of agriculturist, compared to other women who went on the same path as her to start careers in farming.

She reveals that regardless of the advantages and opportunities, her journey has not been free of setbacks. Abena, however, on many occasions defied the odds and subsequently moved her crop farming to the Central Region and started construction on the farm to move the animals. Having made remarkable strides, Abena credits much of her success to her father Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo Kantanka, a preacher, inventor, innovator, physicist, chemist, biologist, and agriculturalist.

“My dad has been my motivation for farming,’’ she said. Aside her father serving as an inspiration to her, Abena admits that she ‘‘loves nature [because] nature is beautiful and it’s not expensive. “The desire to eat your own food means growing your own food and I want to eat my own food.’’ While in school, Abena always talked about owning a big farm like her dad where she could also make a difference by providing foodstuffs that are healthy for human consumption and at affordable prices.

Abena is following her dreams and she believes that by growing her own food, she is better placed to reduce the risk of sicknesses associated with unhealthy food products. ‘‘I intend to farm as long as I live,” she told YEN.com.gh. Abena Safo Kantanka urged people especially women who desire to pursue professions in farming not to relent in the face of challenges.

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