Of course, there are about a million ways to tell if your mister really loves you, but if he does these six things, you know he truly does:

  1. He’ll listen – truly listen – to you

When you honestly love your spouse, their words matter to you. You even go as far as to seek out their opinions. This is especially true for men.When he listens to your advice and counsel, you know he loves you. It shows that he trusts you and values your opinion enough to take what you have to say to heart.

  1. He’ll argue with you

This might seem a little strange, but hear me out. How many times do you argue with someone you don’t care about? You probably don’t because you only care about resolving issues and disagreements with the people who matter most to you. Of course, if arguments are happening constantly and you’re always picking fights with each other, that’s not healthy. However, a man who really loves you will always want to work things out, even if that means a heated discussion. He’ll constantly build the relationship, even if you have to argue to get there.

  1. He’ll be willing to change his mind

I love him, but my husband is stubborn – he might be one of the most stubborn people I’ve ever met. That being said, he is willing to change if it makes me happy. This goes for any man – even the most stubborn of men can change their plans if it benefits the woman they adore.

He’ll do this because he respects his opinions and ideas are important to him. You know your man loves you when is able to compromise on things he had firm opinions on before. You’ll know he really loves you when he does this with a happy and willing heart.

  1. He’ll always fight for you

This goes beyond the idea that males want what they want and they’ll do anything to get it. He knows you’re one of a kind, something he can’t just find anywhere else. Because of this, he’ll fight for you.

He would never fight for something or someone he doesn’t really care about, but because he loves you, he will always be there to defend you or help you in any way he can.

  1. He’ll be completely honest with you

If you’re doing something that drives him crazy, he’ll tell you. If he’s going somewhere with his friends, he’s not going to lie about where they’re going or what they’re doing (he wouldn’t want to do anything you would disapprove of, anyway).

He tells you the truth because he respects you and loves you more than anything in the world. Also, you’ll know it’s true love if he doesn’t feel the need to lie because he would never do anything bad enough to fib about in the first place.

Lastly, He’ll do anything for you – the woman he truly loves

A man in love supports, uplifts, guides, helps and is just there for his lovely wife. He is there to have fun with her, share her dreams and ambitions, laugh with her and even cry with her.

Love means that he wants to spend his life with you by his side, and face whatever obstacles may arise.

If you want to know for yourself that your man loves you, look out for these six things. If he has done them and more, never, ever let that him go.

Source: Familyshare.com


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