Humans are always in a mood. Moods are the background tone of our lives, but we easily forget that we are in a mood and, instead, we believe we are our moods and that our moods are fixed and will never change.

From there, we tend to fall into “why bother?” procrastination, putting others first, and overwhelm.

BUT when we remember that our moods are malleable, changeable, that we can always change our mood at least a little, we stop waiting to feel like it.

We remember: action changes mood.

Simply remembering our moods are not us, and not fixed, can get you off the couch and out the door for your walk or your other activity that needs to be done.

And sometimes you need a bit more help.

I understand that people struggle with depression and anxiety, and so I am not suggesting that because moods are malleable we can change how we feel “presto!” But rather this is another tool to play with to give us relief and wiggle room.

Here is what you can do to work with your mood:

  1. Welcome what you are feeling. If you woke up in the morning feeling like you don’t want to leave the bed or get anything done, take a deep breath and acknowledge your mood.
    Pay attention to how you feel and welcome it rather than try to pretend it doesn’t exist.
    Remind yourself of the times you have pulled through and gotten things done. See yourself doing the things you want to do.
  2. Connect with what you care about: Think about that thing you really care about and want to do. It can be taking a walk, going for a run or completing a project.
  3. Then ask yourself, “What mood would I like to cultivate so I can feel okay today?” This simple question, if answered truthfully, will shift your posture, expand your breathing and help you see the many choices you have at the moment.

Your mood is a background that you can always bring to the foreground. In doing so, possibilities can open up.

You can shift your mood with movement, dance, a wonder walk, yogic breathing techniques, journaling your worries and fears, taking one small action step, but first you have to remember:

You are not your mood.
Your mood will change no matter how bad it is right now.
(It may have changed a tiny bit reading this!)
You do not have to wait to “feel” like it to take action on your desires, just a small step will help.
You can handle this day.

Be gentle with yourself. Play with your mood if that appeals to you.
Either way, remember you’re not your mood!

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