Every woman is a natural born Queen, and we must all be our sister’s keeper, fix their crowns and give them hope, that is what Tessy Nkechi Egonu is doing with women in underserved communities in Nigeria through her platform “Queentrepreneur”.

Queentrepreneur is a Women’s Foundation, and a non profit organisation serving women and girls  through training programs, exposure, and mentorship, Queentrepreneur Women’s Foundation empowers women to become socially conscious global leaders.

They also provide free legal assistance to female victims of domestic violence and human rights abuse and engage in human rights education and grassroots popularization of rights.

Their vision is to develop more confident women to be equipped and passionate about leading organisations, businesses, schools and agencies domestically to contribute to a society where women leaders are no longer viewed as the exception to the rule but as relevant assets and necessary additions to organisations nationwide.

Tessy who got the inspiration to start the foundation through her parent’s is convinced that every woman is born to “Become” and have a voice and identity in the society.

We celebrate the award winning changemaker for her contribution to the society.

Keep shining Tessy!


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