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Being a child of God, I have heard so many teachings on wholeness, and why it is vital for an individual to live a full fulfilled life  accept oneself as you are and live with the knowledge of what you allow in your life, and how all this can influence where we are and how far we want to go.

I want to share my wholeness lessons, and how it is essential for us to be fully aware of whom we are and live a happy productive life. Wholeness calls for a complete stock take, by this I mean, know what who you are in every good and bad circumstance, know how you are affected by people and situations around you, know your highest points in life and how you react at your lowest??

How do you react when in a bad situation, either you are dumped by a boyfriend, fired from your dream job, falsely accused or even the times nothing goes your way?? How do you treat those around you??Do you beat yourself up each day and blame every one, anything and everything??What about the times we hit it well and win a jack pot??Do we throw away all we have, thinking we have made it?? Wholeness calls for us to know how you react when one steps on your foot. Do you step on them or slap that person for inflicting pain on you, or you accept it couldn’t have been unintentional???How you react shows what is within, your strength, weaknesses, flaws, at times it even reflects the things we are afraid of. It shows how much closure one needs on the events that happen,at times it is a reflection of how much we need to work on our character and growth for the future. There are some wholeness checks one can do to find out how we are doing:

Firstly, accept yourself fully, character, current position, current financial standing, body type, accept there will always be some better than you, and one who is where you want to be, and that what matters is how much you put in to achieve all your dreams and goals. Once you make peace with all this, you will always know your seasons in life and will never compare yourself to another person, because you are fully aware of your uniqueness and are working to improve on that fully.

Secondly, wholeness calls for peace with both situations, and people around you, it calls for an effort to always see that you don’t allow another’s persons negative energy to influence you nor your decision.it interprets fully being responsible for how you react to a situation, and how you let external factors make you feel. Many people around us carry a lot of baggage, hurts and pain, and there will always be an encounter with such a person, but when you have made peace with yourself, negativity will never affect your being in any way. The other aspect of being whole is dealing with all failure, let downs and disappointments. Many times someone lets us down, we tend to bury or medicate instead of finding a solution or let go. We rarely get closure on issues, hence at a later point we least expect, things arise, so if one hurts us ,we need to deal with that issue immediately and get closure to have peace and move on positively, we equally need to learn to apologize if need be, not for the sake of the oppressor ,but yourself, make peace.

Lastly, build a relationship with yourself, make time to connect with yourself and emotions, take time to know how you are doing and see where you need help, and when stuck and not sure, find someone who has gone ahead of you, someone you trust to not tell you what you want to hear, but will willingly help you be the best version of yourself.

Love yourself enough, to not give what is biased.

Pic credit: Khoudia Dip (Pintrest)