Workplace routine


Getting better at doing the same thing takes few deliberate attempts especially in the work place to guarantee enjoyment. Trust me, some days are sapping while some are really light, but overall, I try to strike a good balance within the week. I have sort of created procedures that guide my everyday work life…but don’t consider me lucky yet, for now, it seems to be working.

So there are activities during the day that deplete my energy. I guess you’re familiar with them: meetings, running around, business trips, conducting a talk, a presentation… what have you. It’s inevitable that you will encounter some form of stress as you work. The good thing is, I set out a solitary time during the day where I reconnect with myself. I find balance in that energy and come out rejuvenated and refreshed. It can be as short as five minutes but it’s part of my daily routine and it’s something that I do on my own.

Additionally, I create a simple sequence of work activities like pre-designed templates which I use often to simplify work. Although, it usually requires little moderation but saves me considerable time which ultimately improves my performance.

I have found that defining this routine helps me outline the steps needed to ensure happiness amidst the long hours put at work. Our best output comes from something we have so much passion for, that the idea of failing bears no meaning. Being able to meet that purpose on a daily basis creates happiness at work. Defining this routine not only helps me recenter but jumpstarts my day which enables me achieve my goals better throughout the day.

Examine your day, do you have a daily routine?

Be Purposeful, Be Happy.