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Every woman knows the importance of independence and self-reliance. After all, the ability to work and earn an income wasn’t always available to all women. But as competition for work gets tighter, more women need a job that pays well and gives them the flexibility that they need.

Fortunately, work from home jobs are now an option and there are a plethora of freelance jobs available as well. What’s more, many online jobs don’t require applicants to have any experience. In this post detailing how to make money from home, we will look at 15 good jobs that women can do from anywhere without experience.

Remote Jobs for Women

1) Pet Sitter. If you love animals and are able to provide excellent care, then being a pet sitter is an ideal part time work from home for you. As the name of the job suggests, you get paid by your clients for looking after their pets while they’re away. Managing an online listing for your services is, of course, essential for building your clientele.

2) Bed and Breakfast Host. Another work from home option is being a bed and breakfast host. If you have an extra room or a guest house, you can list your property for short-term rentals. That said, make sure that your property has an online listing and that you’re easy to contact. Also, ensure that your property is clean, comfortable, and welcoming. Finally, make sure you have the necessary social skills for interacting with clients.

3) English Teacher. Many people from other countries learn English through the internet. As such, there is an entire industry that hires people with good English communication skills to teach clients across the globe. Note, though, that while experience is often not required, fluency in a foreign language may be a requisite for some companies.

4) Online Tutor. Online tutoring is also one of those no experience jobs that can get you earning extra money. While you’re not required to have any experience as a tutor, this job may require you to have extensive knowledge on a specific area, especially if you’re tutoring clients in higher academic levels such as college students.

5) Online Writer. Online writing basically involves producing written content for your clients and covers anything from crafting letters to drafting articles. A lot of writing jobs require little to no experience, particularly simpler writing tasks. For example, CustomEssayMeister hires freelance writers who have no experience, provided that they can produce output with high quality. However, having effective writing skills is a solid advantage.

6) Blogger. As a blogger, your main job is to come up with content for your personal website. Regardless of what you share, whether recipes, do-it-yourself craft tutorials, or your reviews of products, your goal is to make your content worthwhile as to grow your internet following and attract ad placements from companies. Experience in this field is not necessary, but creativity can certainly get you far.

7) Transcriptionist. This job basically involves converting audio files to transcripts by listening. Most transcription companies do not require any experience, although good hearing and typing skills are certainly needed to be effective in this job.

8) Translator. This online job requires you to translate audio or written documents from one language to another. Whereas more advanced jobs necessitate some experience, simpler tasks are perfect for beginners. Make sure, though, that you’re fluent in the foreign language you choose and that you do not just translate literally but also consider cultural context. You can register as a translator here: https://www.tomedes.com/user/provider/createaccount

9) Virtual Assistant. Like a traditional assistant, the job of a virtual assistant involves executing tasks delegated to you by your employer such as transcribing data, drafting letters, and managing schedules among others. This job requires little to no experience, but soft skills such as attention to detail, organizational skills, a strong work ethic, and communication skills are vital.

10) Survey Taker. One of the easier ways to make money online, this job requires you to answer surveys such as opinion polls, questionnaires from researchers, and product reviews. Although this job is relatively easy, note that honesty and integrity are important in this field.

11) Website Tester. Website testing involves navigating given websites and providing reviews of the experience afterwards. The goal is to give a company the common user’s perspective on the user-friendliness of a website. Note, though, that tasks are not that many, and thus this is more ideal as a part time job than full time employment.

12) Search Engine Evaluator. The main task of this job is to evaluate the efficiency of search engines in delivering results. For example, you will be given a topic by your company to search, and then you will evaluate the results for accuracy and relevance. Experience is not needed when signing up for this job, although companies usually look for wide knowledge on various topics and contemporary culture when considering applicants.

13) Telemarketer. The job of a work from home telemarketer is generally the same as that of a telemarketer based in an office. And just like how companies hire telemarketers who have no experience, you can easily find a home-based telemarketing job without any background on the field. Nevertheless, soft skills such as effective communication as well as patience and determination are expected for someone who applies for this job.

14) Customer Service Representative. Although working as a customer service representative has been traditionally office-based, more companies today are allowing employees to work remotely. No experience is required for this job, but you will likely undergo a period of training before you’re competent enough to start working at home.

15) Social Media Manager. As the name of job indicates, a social media manager is about managing content on social media with the intention of enhancing online presence, advancing the brand, and fostering customer relations. While it is usual for social media managers to be hired even without any experience, knowledge on how social media works is a must for this job.

As more and more women want to know how to make money online, online jobs from home are fast becoming a viable option. These 15 decent jobs that women can do from anywhere without experience give women the flexibility and income that they need. However, women must note that while most of these entry-level remote jobs do not require any experience, the criteria and compensation set by companies still vary. The important thing is for you to consider what your situation and conduct research to know which job best fits your needs.

Source: https://baucemag.com/work-from-home-jobs/

Your 20s are an important time. We’re told the personal and professional choices you make during this decade set the foundation of your adult life. A good problem you’re likely to face is which job to take: The one that promises security or the one that promises experience? The higher-paid one or the one with fast growth opportunity.

These choices can’t be made with a simple pros and cons list. You can find yourself longing for a crystal ball that can make the decision for you. Here are seven major questions to ask yourself.

1. Does it motivate you to learn something new?

We’ve long been instructed to specialize in college degrees, career trajectories, company ladders, etc. But specializing early at the expense of cultivating experience and contextual knowledge can limit your potential and stunt your self-discovery.

A familiar, comfortable job in a young career can be insidious. If an option you’re weighing will challenge you to stretch your concept of career, your long-term professional benefit will likely outweigh the short-term risk.

2. Does it push you to learn something about yourself?

Relative to risk, there’s usually no better time for self-discovery through work than your 20s. When considering a new opportunity, give more weight to the exploration and development possibilities of the role, rather than the job title or immediate responsibilities. Your early career experiences should give you room to grow and try something new.

My intended path was within the entertainment industry. I may never have discovered my passion for healthcare, technology and analysis without an openness to explore it.

Remain open to opportunities outside your original vision of career. You may have a hidden talent or interest that’s waiting to be discovered.

3. Does it scare you, just a little?

We grow most from those moments and experiences that force us to stretch beyond our limits. Be unapologetically ambitious, even when logic and security suggest an alternate route.

4. Does it scare your friends and family, just a little more?

Naturally, those who love you most want to protect you. Because of that instinct, they may steer you towards a safe choice to limit your risk of loss or failure. Although their intentions are pure, their influence can be stifling.

If your near-and-dear are directing you away from an opportunity, consider the loving biases that they carry. Many times, the best decisions for our personal and professional growth are difficult for others to understand.

5. Does it change the way you evaluate success?

If you only measure your success by 401k balances, promotions and bonuses, you’ve mistakenly focused your attention on byproducts instead of the personal and professional experience along the way.

Give yourself opportunities to find what’s meaningful to you, and give yourself room to grow your ideas of success.

6. Will it surround you with passionate people?

Passion is contagious and powerful. Surround yourself with energy and innovation, and you’ll adopt the same vigor.

That fervent energy transforms our world every day. If you’re deliberating what’s best for you, consider the people who will teach you when you get there.

7. Does it excite you to talk about it?

Notice if you can’t stop rambling to your friends and family about the opportunity in question. It means something! Enthusiasm and buy-in is critical in an opportunity’s potential success.

Tally the number of times the opportunity organically comes to mind. Pay attention to what you’re thinking. Is it the experience? Earnings potential? Outcomes? There’s no wrong answer, but understanding your own drivers and interests will give you insight into what’s most important about your potential next step.

With every decision, embrace the privilege that you can chart your own path. But also allow that path early in your career to help shape you, too.

 Credits: Cash Forshee