Whellchair model


Sunshine King is not only a model, dancer, actor, CEO, massage therapist teacher and mother — she is a survivor of violence who accomplishes all her tasks while paralyzed in a wheelchair

After a violent incident in 2004 that King said turned her world “upside down,” she was paralyzed from the neck down and had to endure months of recovery to teach herself the most basic of movements.

Hear her story;

My name is Sunshine King and I would love to share my story. I’m a survivor of domestic violence whom became a widow, single parent, and disabled in 2004.”I had to re-learn how to sit up properly, bathe, to dress, and learn how to transfer and operate my wheelchair… just learn how to find normalcy again with this paralysis,” But she persevered, and after months of rehabilitation, she has become an inspirational example of overcoming obstacles through strength and positivity, even taking to the runway during New York Fashion Week — twice.
 I’m now a survivor, wellness practitioner, fitness instructor, actress, and model.  Specializing in iridology, reflexology, Reiki, Qigong, muscle relaxation techniques, aromatherapy, wellness coaching, and more. I assist people with their healthy journey from individuals, couples, families, and corporations for the past 12 years.
Having the pleasure assisting others in and out of the disability community the importance of incorporating a healthier regiment. It starts with our self-esteem, family, and friends support. We must remember that Exercising and getting out into the community is important. If we don’t have the proper balance we can easily gain more weight and fall into a dark season.
I’ve had the pleasure working with amazing people throughout the years and taking numerous workshops, school, to invest into personal growth.
I’ve had the pleasure to be the first adult wheelchair model for Tommy Hilfiger adaptive clothing line in 2017. I’ve also have the pleasure being a fit model for a few amazing designers and companies for adaptive ware too.

“We all have different disabilities, so be open-minded and try new things,” she added. “Anything out there, we can do, we just do it in adapted ways. Don’t limit yourself based on your disability. Your abilities are amazing.”

King believes in finding inner peace and happiness and “to live each day with a purpose.”

“No matter how catastrophic your life has been, you have to keep your dreams alive and stay humble. Dream big and stay awesome because your life is all you have. Live each day to the max.”

Instagram: @sunshineking01