Waje’s interview in the Punch


In a recent interview with   PUNCH’s Saturday Beats,  Nigerian songstress Waje  said that she has not ruled out love and re-marrying from her life.

She also disclosed the qualities she looks for in her ideal man.

According to her, the most important thing she wants in a man apart from him being taller than her, is one who is God-fearing.

She said:

I have not ruled out the concept of love and re-marrying from my life, I can never do that. I look for certain criteria in a man and the first is that he has to be God-fearing. I don’t need a passive God-fearing man; he has to really invest in his faith.

The only way I can love someone completely and unconditionally is if I experience a bigger kind of love and that is God’s love. I also like a man who is not afraid to be expressive and who is not afraid to support someone who is hard working and in the public domain. He should not put restrictions on me and must know that this is my job and would allow me shine.

Also I would want a hardworking person. He does not have to have about $10m in his bank account but when you see someone who is hard working, it means that no matter how many times we fall, we would rise again. He has to be easy on the eyes as well. I don’t care much about his height but he should be a bit tall because I am a tall person.

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