Adebukola Plumptre is a voice over talent and vlogger. A graduate of Mass Communication from the prestigious University of Lagos where she majored in Advertising& Public relations. She has worked in various capacities such as sales&marketing, business development, media, advertising, experiential marketing & events as well as in administration.

Her foray into vlogging and voice over artistry was borne out of her desire to use her voice in the media space and be positively impacting. Her Instagram handle @bukkysho1 features her vlogs which centre on parenting, self love, career, and body image issues. Her #wcw is a platform for supporting women in business and #dearvoiceovertalent provides useful information to aspiring and established Voice Over Talents.

She is a proud alumni of Voice Over Academy where she received her Pro Voice Over training. Her happiest moments are recording in the studio and playing with her son Nolan.

Childhood Influence
Yes, I had parents who encouraged us to be anything we wanted to be. To be whatever we set our minds to do. I had always enjoyed watching the news especially News Line with Frank Olize and CNN Style with Elsa Clench as well as documentaries. These were bonding experiences with my father.

Meet Me!
I am lover of words, I have always loved to talk and enjoy mind stimulating conversations. I was an Art Student in High School, I enjoyed taking Literature In English and Government & Politics. I studied Mass Communication at the University of Lagos where I majored in Advertising& Public Relations. I was a news reporter and sales executive for the school paper, Unilag Sun.

Inspiration behind passion for Voice Talents
Daily making use of my God given talent. Ensuring my voice is heard in the media space. If I am to lend my voice to causes I am passionate about then this is my springboard to do so.

Leaving my high earned job for Vlogging and voice over
After I had my son, I wanted to be a more present and involved parent. Having him challenged me to follow my passion. After gaining experience in the private sector it was time to focus on more personal pursuits and what I as an individual wanted to do with the rest of my life. I had to ensure it would be more memorable and satisfying.

Perfection is the watch word of this profession. The work is never done until the sound engineer is satisfied with your delivery of the script, your tone, your pitch or inflections. The client gives the final word of your artistic efforts. In most cases you will redo entire take at the studio if they are unsatisfied. It is long and time consuming but these checks are necessary for a great output.

Other Projects & Activities
There are causes I am passionate about and lend my voice to them primarily on social media. I document my journey as a new mother and voice over talent on my Vlogs primarily on Facebook and Instagram. I also write letters “Dear Voice Over Talent” on Instagram to discuss my ongoing voice over journey and to encourage colleagues and aspiring persons who want to excel in this field. I also enjoy supporting other business women like myself on the platform “Woman Crush Wednesday”. These are businesses where I’ve experienced great customer service experience and also want others to do same.

Greatest reward
Positive feedback and engagement either in person or on social media. I’ve had a voice over talent from Egypt connect with me. Also, a young lady who wanted to start her voice over career. Even constructive criticism from seasoned voice over talents. It makes it all worth the effort.

On recognition of voice Over artistes in Nigeria
I believe it’s imperative to ensure you get the recognition you deserve in whatever career you find yourself. If you don’t blow your own trumpet, who will? When you have drive and are self motivated you will get the recognition you deserve. It’s a small, close knit circle of practioners and mostly advertising agencies tend to know us on a professional basis. However, our celebrity status is celebrated by our own. We are yet to reach the same status as entertainers or film actors.

What next?
To continue to deliver exceptional work and create memorable experiences. I am media girl at heart and will also pursue other creative expressions on TV, Radio and New Media.

Who and what inspire me to be better
My son Nolan and all women breaking barriers and stereotypes daily.

Being a woman of Rubies
I am a woman of rubies because I sparkle and I shine. I shine this light wherever I go teaching, uplifting and inspiring others to be their very best. To never relent in their pursuit for growth and learning. I am a change agent, I am an influencer.

Advice for young women who want to go into my field
They should seek formal or professional training first. It is not enough to be told how well they speak or sound. There is an art and science to being a great voice over talent. They should leverage on the use of new media to market and promote themselves so that potential clients can find them and see their work in action.