Victoria Secret fashion show


The 2019 edition of Victoria’s Secret has been canceled for better branding and marketing strategies.

Victoria's Secret canceled its 2019 fashion show [Insider]

On Thursday, November 21, The parent company executives, L Brands decided not to go forward with the show.

The fashion show, which was launched in 1995 was once a major pop culture event, drawing millions of viewers each year. It had its lowest ratings ever last year, and also drew criticism on the gender focus, outdated style and its lack of diversity.

Victoria's Secret canceled its 2019 fashion show [CBS News]

The Chief Financial Officer, Stuart Burgdoerfer said in an interview,

“We think it’s important to evolve the marketing of Victoria’s Secret. It was a very important part of the brand-building of this business and was an important aspect of the brand and a remarkable marketing achievement.”

It was first speculated in May that Victoria’s Secret could be canceling its famous runway extravaganza.

In 2018, Victoria’s Secret made an effort to expand diversity on the runway by casting 19 models of color, including Winnie Harlow, the first model with vitiligo, to walk in the show.



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