Uju Okoye


Uju Christy Okoye is a (Life Savvy) Lifesyle Entrepreneur who helps self Drive
​ individuals create their Niche and earn income online.​ ​The Ceo Jidekaijitv has a multi passionate personality, with a vision to touch and impact lives through mentoring and ​coaching,. She ​fe​lt ​ inferior ​while ​growing up because her dad wished she and her sisters came to the world as boys s​. Uju s​hares her story of self discovery in this interview

Growing up
I have grown past​ my pain​, ​my struggle and my presumed worth as a girl child when I was born the last child of 7 children 6 girls and a boy.I was expected to be a boy. I was just 5 years when my dad brought in a second wife and introduced to my mum, who had 7 children 6 girls and a boy. The only reason was he wanted more boys. I felt neglected l felt not worthy, I felt not up to standard on boy.

I kept asking why? Why the discrimination, Then, it effected my view on Marriage and life but not anymore.I am a woman a strong woman. It took me years after of self discovery and personal love and development to understand my worth. I’m a girl not different compare to boy.

I’m multi passionate personality. (Life Savvy) Lifestyle Entrepreneur Helping self Driven individuals create their Niches doing what they love, what makes them happy.I am the Ceo of Jidekaijitv, Founder Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Hub, Coach/Mentor @Lifestyle mastery Academy an online Course. Travel consultant, Lifestyle Entrepreneur Influencer. Tele communication, reseller. Teens/Young Adult Advocate. Touching and impacting lives positively, branding, unveiling happiness, success not just our nation but around the globe, is very crucial to me. I have gotten an experienced in the uniqueness of cultural diversity from opportunity I got previous years to travel to at least four different countries,
My 2008-2018 journey of self discovery, young wife, then, young mother then personal and business development seminars workshop, trainings with like minded professionals in their various filled.
Struggle to understand Portuguese language in other to cope with good communication, trying to get clear details of who I really want to be my passion and vision getting more clarity on it, trying to perfect in my Lifestyle entrepreneur niche. Weeping and waiting upon the Lord for another child after traumatic miscarriage that almost take my life. I found solace in writing books which later become part of my success story today.

My 7 Intriguing, informative, inspiring, Books has a lot to say about Lifestyles daily events of life. Unveiling shocking secret in different angle of our life events. My favorite scripture ; Phil 4:13 says I can do all things through Christ that strengthen me.

Tell us more about Lifestyle Entrepreneurs Hub?
Lifestyle Entrepreneur Hub is a group Where we brand, influence, Teach, Learn, impact and give values to great Leaders, extra ordinary Entrepreneur, We Learn/Teach everything that has to do with lifestyle, career, money, love, relationship’s, adventures The group is for all individual to Live a happy, successful, Lifestyles because you deserve. Life is a journey we got to be sure of where we going, enjoy the process no matter the bombs on the way we have to keep moving till we get to our final destination. Living our dream lives. Living outstanding legacy behind.

JIDEKAJI It’s a TV show and Reality series, coming to WAP TV, African magic Igbò! and other like minded television channels! Our show offer a chances to showcase interested businesses/companies owners, if you’re Public figure or Not, You’re qualify if your Private business owners. You don’t have to be a celebrity before the world see your talents, brands, products. I know there are Many Extraordinary people doing extra ordinary things.. We believe that you all exist. Our priority is to help you showcase and Advertise your products/brands not just to Local potential clients/customers but also global and international limelight in all major Television channels,social media, our websites and cable Networks.

Let the world get to see what value you offer to your customers, what motivate/drives you. If you’re God fearing, inspiring, hard working business entrepreneurs with a vision to touch lives positively through your brands/ products and recommendations to your customers to put smile on their faces and get value for their money. We show up and take your business to global level to the glory of God.

Sometimes I feel overwhelmed, my line of work is huge, and its cost a lot, anyone that’s familiar in Media/Telecommunications business will agree with me, that it’s not walk in the park. It’s tough, expensive, and energetic.

My discrimination and emotional trauma experience
Yes The emotional trauma I went through while growing as a result of gender discrimination left me with some sort of fear of marriage, but my marriage to my husband is one of the best thing that happened to me, because he he proved to be totally different from my fear, He does not bother about gender, going through secondary infertility, after we had our daughter, he always assured me God will bless us again at His time, I will purposely ask him what if we have another girl, He will tell me baby, its God gift, whether girl or boy. Its give me great confidence that he understands. After Waiting for six years we welcomed our 2nd child a son. I have come to embrace the woman I am. I have come to love me for who I am.

Other Projects and Activities
We are currently running offline/online training, empowering self driving individual the need to make extra income doing what they are passionate about. Ranging from Media, Telecommunications, Entrepreneur, Networking, we are on digital world where we do a whole lot legitimately using our internet connected smart phone.

How I unwind
I listen to my body, as a Lifestyle Entrepreneur, Living a healthy, happy adventurous life is a way of life to me, I know when to rest, when to go for Spa, and beauty treatment, when to travel for vacation, when to take time off work and relax have fun with my lovely family, my Adorable Extraordinary kids (Princess and prince) they know exactly how to make mummy happy and relaxing with them see new movie at cinema or just have a quite private moment listening to my favorite lyrics at home it’s one of best feelings

Greatest Reward
My Lovely Husband and my Adorable children are my greatest reward. Great supportive, my prayer warrior our mum, my Families/ friends, my Co-host (My Twinny) my Partners, & crews. God gave them to me for a divine purpose they always support me and be proud of me. To me its the best reward ever.

Where I see my brand in the next five years
Like the saying goes, if your dream does not scare you, it means it’s not big enough. I see JIDEKAIJI GLOBAL SERVICES In the next 5 years to become not just a household name for our nation but around the globe, just like our Name. Jidekaiji means (keep it up) We will keep up our great work globally touching, impacting, influencing, changing lives positively.